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(Big Bang, the ironic name that was given by the famous astrophysicist Fred Hoyle)


The arbitrariness of numbers and the misinterpretation of data, that will remain in the history of Science a error same unacceptable, as the theories of flat Earth and opinion that placed the Earth in the centre of Universe. The excuse will be similar. They will answer, that they fell very near, that the empiric data were rightly and also, they will change the formulation. As when they said “ether” and they rejected it later or it was translated in “field”, “energy of void”, “quintessence” and various other. So, with attention of thief they restore from the “back door” the opinions that they rejected hastily. This will not be the first time, neither the last one.

The absurdity is found in the way that was attempted the explanation about beginning of Universe in its entirety, with indifference for the visible impasse. They exceeded scientific data, they transferred the problem of creation of the world and they maintained the Big Impasse of their cosmological theory, with hasty and scrappy thoughts that would not make no one philosopher. It would be more reasonable and reliable for the science, they leave the question of creation pending in order to they answer in the end, when the newer data will allow a better answer. They did not make this. They made abuse of our good faith to the science and persisted in a childish philosophical interpretation as a leading scientific achievement.

The things resemble are connected with something same, while no one of the known finite things is not the initial cause of all others. In order to they explain the creation, uniformity, the resemblance in the substance of things, the unity and the existence of same laws on the all things, they needed to resort in something very separate. Something perfectly different, something which has not been created and without the known laws. This flippant opinion, which have thought it the philosophers from ancient years (before Christ season), is presented with a cloak of science under of special and abstruse terms and with the courage, that gives the mixture of mathematics. The scientific data “fell” in unskilled scientists in the Philosophy .

The central idea of the theory of " Big Bang" is an absurdity, and it constitutes characteristic example for that it can lead the blind faith in the mathematics and in the types. It reminds the cases, in which the laws of state are applied with severity without divergence and precisely for this reason unfairly. As in the cases, where the defendant he is guilty, however he is acquitted because the probative elements are insufficient. The types and the mathematic calculations can be rightly, but this do not mean that they are calculated the all essential data, that have become correct measurements and have been interpreted rightly the observations.

These cases are well known in the science and however is absent the care. The absurdity does not stop here. They did not stay, that the Universe (that is to say the total of material world in the space and per time), is emanated from something perfectly different from what we know. They led the absurdity to utmost. They dared, caused and supported with relative consequence (yes, becomes also this), that the Universe was created from nothing, from a accidental “disturbance of” zero. We should admit, we can support any opinion with arguments that are come out… from the experience.

They attempted theoretically to deduce the all quality from a initial quantity. This is not heard as an absurd, however it constitutes a big trap when we reference in its entirety of material reality.

“ In the beginning they were only the possibilities and afterwards became the reality ”.

This could be a simplified formulation of explanation that they attempts with mathematic calculations. Can they exist the possibilities without no previous reality, without no relation with something substantive? The possibilities that were? Could they be materialized by themself and thus, it was become something from absolutely nothing? Finally, why the universe became so much different, did not maintain nothing by the “previous” presence, our Universe is not connected no way with previous presence and it will not be connected never again? We fall in these reasonable queries and impasses if we will remove the mathematic relations and their scientific terminology.

As appear it, their priorities were others and was not to answer these queries and to put a brake to the consequences that derive from a big fallacy. Unfortunately, they tolerate the paranoia and the absurdity, as long as they cannot justify the big impasses of their theories, until a big scientist can save them from their madness. Their ambition surpasses their reliability and their courage to dispute!





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