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(Big Bang, the ironic name that was given by the famous astrophysicist Fred Hoyle)





Timaeus in the famous dialogue of Plato. The human logic 24 centuries ago  WITHOUT EXPERIENCE :


" At my opinion therefore it should at first we determine the following: what is that which exists always but it does not be born never, and what is born always but never exist. The first thing, somebody can  comprehend logically thinking, because this is always the itself. The second somebody can perceive this without thought, as opinion and as belief because it is born and is lost, however it does not exist really, never "

(about Timaeus look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timaeus_(dialogue)


The human logic after 24 centuries WITH SCIENTIFIC EXPERIENCE :

" Entire the world with the space was condensed in an adimensional point. Without cause and logic, an adimensional point that contained the all world in infinite density changed (Big Bang) and thus created the space with dimensions, the energy and the physical laws that determined the development at the initial situation of fiery plasma."


We cannot speak about progress in the thought.

For regression in the ancient season of mythology, it is more likely.

However, the ancient our ancestors had enormous ignorance and today we comprehend and admire their imagination. On the contrary, in our season the knowledge and heritage of human thought are enormous and we can not comprehend and we consider that it is a delirium in the modern physics.


In newer years, the philosopher Spinoza (1632-1677) in his theology, theorem 3: " The things that do not have nothing the common between them, no one from these it cannot be reason for the other ".




From the most incredible and absurd theories in the history of physical sciences, that exceeds in foolery the geocentric opinion about the world, even the medieval explanation about the fire with a substance " phlogiston ", it is the following statement, that the all matter of the world with the free space, they was condensed in an adimensional point and the Universe began exists suddenly with sizes smaller than the smaller material things! It will be one from the most brilliant examples in order to it reminds the arrogance in the science and a simple thought that it became title in the introduction of an unknown philosophical book :

" The knowledge without philosophical intellect (not creative and investigatory thought) it supplies the ignorance ".

The knowledge can feed the gabble, the paranoia, the disorientation, confusion and the delusion, as has written cleverly a young man. The blind confidence in the types and in the calculations when they describe relations of the things, it can lead to mass paranoia, in a foolishness, which thousands of scientists tolerate and repeat it for a lot of decades. 

It is incredible, that today some scientists can to formulate seriously a such foolishness after the progress of many centuries in the science, when themselves consider as a foolishness the beautiful fairy tales, that we read in ancient religious texts, which were written with enormous ignorance about the nature. The absurd statement in the science, that the total of material things with the space of billions of galaxies existed in dimensions of a visible thing, even for a fraction of second only, it is more astonishing than the absurdity, that the Universe began exists from nothing.

It has been said, that the scientists in their research, often they consider the beauty, the simplicity and the symmetry in the theory as some marks of correctness and apposite approach. The aesthetic criterion, the intuitive knowledge can guide the scientists in the recovery of truth - this that we call it “the simple logic”. In this case of interpretation about the creation of world with the childish thought about a “Big Explosion”, they achieved incredible hat. They ignored the simple logic of the meanings, they ignored their own scientific beginnings and laws, they ignored also the aesthetic criteria. If the big impasse, with the inversion of physical laws, with the absurdity of meanings, with the allegorical formulations, with the unprovoked (causeless) explosiveness and with the disrespect in the history of philosophy, these caused in them a sense for a “bright” theory... I'm sorry, but this is a delirium ! 






The currently cosmology   

An article with the excuse from the scientific opinions of a compatriot, the famous physicist and researcher... (in Greek language)  




In the Internet address www.kosmologia.gr you can find hundreds of web pages with useful philosophical thoughts, but still all the thoughts and observations and relations that constitute the more advanced interpretation about the world and are reveal what errors drives in dead-end the previous theories. 

Lemma: What is the theory about a Finished Time or a Completed Universe .


Entry for researchers and physicists. The central concepts in the cosmological theory: 




What phenomena are described unified, interpreted and forecasted in the theory about a Complete Time or Universe and Relativity of Energy


Whoever knows the academic physics and well mathematics can be to imagine an own universe. For example, look how with simple mathematics from medium education and with minimal reasoning we can approach at the opinions about a universe such as the modern physicists present us with more complicated mathematics. Now, it is not privilege of few leading physicists to speak about the Universe and its limits with the terms of Science and with the language of numbers. See how in the web page: THE FINITE FREE AND DYNAMICAL SPACE AND HUBBLE'S CONSTANT .



▪ The close relation between the mass and speed (slowdown) of electromagnetic waves. With knowledge of mathematics in intermediate school level! .



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