(Unified theory about time, space and matter)

 The minimum time Tmin and length λmin


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If we consider as a minimal quantity of time, the time Tmin in which the light would cover distance equal with length = 6,626026 x10-34 or would acquire the minimal quantity of energy h▪ 1Hz then we find :


2,997924 x108 m      in       1 sec

6,62606 x10-34 m       what sec ?


Tmin = λ / c = 2,210216 x 10-42 Tmin x c = h = λmin

If Tmin = 2,210216 x 10-42  then  fmax = 1/Tmin = 0,452444 x1042


The time Tmin in which the light would cover distance equal with length h= 6,626026 x10-34 m or would acquire the minimal quantity of energy h▪ 1Hz is Tmin = λmin/c gives a frequency fmax = 0,452444 x1042 Hz.

Example with the length λ=0,24263 x10-11 m of the electron: In how much time t the light would cover distance of length λe = 0,24263 x10-11 m.

Answer: Time t= 1 x λe/c = 0,0809326 x10-19 sec = 1/fe . It's ok.


Reminder: The constant length that is contained in the constant speed of light c is a length S=2,997924 x108 m. This length via the 2pi gives a radius r. That is to say 2,997924 x108 m / 6,283185 = 0,4771344 x108 m. This radius rc = 0,4771344 x108 m divided with the quantity hbar as an elementary length of radius gives us a ratio 0,4771344 x108 / 1,0545715 x10-34 = 0,452444 x1042 .


Also, with the logic that the quantity h/2π is an elementary radius r that when it divides the biggest speed of light c (c/hbar) gives us result an angular velocity ω .The angular velocity ω/2π = frequency f. With the logic of this observation it results again as length of wave λ the constant action h and as a biggest frequency fmax = 0,452444 x1042 Hz.


The same frequency fmax = 0,452444 x1042 Hz results from the magnetic penetrability μο =12,56636 x10-7 Henry /m and dielectric constant εo= 8,854 x10-12 Farad /m of empty (free) space, when we consider that the constant Plank h coincides with a fundamental length λmin = 6,62606 x10-34 m and applying relation Vc =1/ √μο εο and the main type of co-ordination in the electrotechnics T= 2π √L C :

μο λmin = 83,265508 x10-41 Henry

εο λmin = 58,667135 x 10-46 Farad

(83,26550 x10-41 ) (58,66713 x10-46 )=4884,95 x10-87 (Henry x Farad = sec2 )

4,88495 x10-84 = 2,2102 x 10-42 sec  and  1/2,2102 x 10-42 = 0,45244 x1042 Hz


For the type T= 2π √L C we consider that length λmin = hbar 2pi

NEW LIMITS result with the scenario that constant h it is also length of wave λ. The limits fmax, Emax, Mmax, Tmin are suspect very near the maximum limits which result from the mass and the energy Planck, the constant of unified constants Mpl = √ h c /G  (Mpl ≈ 5,45624 x10-8 kg). λmin / λplanck = 16,3574
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