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The serious, logical and intelligent questions that it should they place…



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The matter and their components in its entirety did not begin exists and never exist a reality without the matter*. This ascertainment in the Theory of the Com­plete Time guides us in order to we seek a different solution about the way of cre­ation and maintenance of the Universe. Indubitably, it is impasse we wonder that the total of material world was created. The big error in the development in the physics appears more clearly than never and is formulated very simply with a philosophical approach: They try to explain and create theoretically the essential traits of things and the Universe from the clean zero. They begin from a minimal reality that called matter or particles, they remove all the reality that is the Uni­verse and then, they attempt to make the Universe from an initial matter, that is to say from the almost nothing of a quantity particles, that would exist more acciden­tal than the molecules of the dust. While on the contrary, it would be supposed, they begin from the finished whole, from a common preexisting thing, from the full Universe in the total (common) Time, in order to they explain, how are caused the changes, the balance and the things as separate parts, from the relative zero (by an empty space). How is maintained the exterior reality with its multiplicity and its time difference from an initial unity and the directness of one whole and by a common substance. Rather, how coexist these two phenomena together (a com­plete whole and always incomplete parts). The philosophical relation between multiplicity and unity, with the terms of the physics is expressed (correspond) in the relation between an isotropic space with the rapid fluctuations, that belong in the world of material particles.


Considering that the matter is everywhere in the free space and always in the time and always with the complete Universe, the questions that result are the following: a) How do the matter is created and renewed, in the case that is lost in other forms of energy and b) how is it maintained so as to remains always present in its entirety of space and in the relative time? The second question is connected immediately with the question, how the matter finally is distributed with intelligence, so that are served the existence and development in the (preexisting) complex material world. These answers cannot be given, if we do not understand that the free space participates as a dynamic (and balanced) energy in the renewal of matter.


These are the serious, logical and intelligent questions that it should they had thought well in the science a lot of decades ago.


The matter, here near us or is far us, is connected with something public, with a common reality and in particular with such way, that the matter maintains the same structure everywhere. The matter from somewhere pumps the energy with which exists as an opposite phenomenon to the gravitational attraction and pumps energy everywhere with similar way (same laws). While we would await, that in the most microscopic dimensions, we will find the minimal constant quantities of a body and the end in the division of the matter, on the contrary we discover a relation between stability with the fast and circular motion. How do the microscopic quantities, that are moved ceaseless, accomplish and acquire a further complex and constant form? Why do the mass “ignores” the gravitational force and the matter accomplishes is maintained extensive with internal motions? These are queries that are caused in each thinking person, when hears summarizing, that the division in the matter leads to microscopic particles and these are moved incessantly with enormous speeds. Reasonably therefore, we wonder what forces, from where and how " they constitute " phenomena of periodical motion in form of immobility and in elliptic motion and where is the beginning of mass.


The stability in the most rapid microscopic motions that become in the structure (in big extent in the free space, in the depth of time and under very different conditions) cannot be explained from the energy and motions of external (and accidental) things. If the structure of matter and generation of mass is becoming from the environment, that is to say from the exterior space, then it would be supposed in each cubic metre of space exists different matter, with accidental structure. The composition and the structure of an individual atom would be different and with unlimited variety, so as what would was the different effects and conditions. However, the shaping and the structure of material elements does not depends from the objects and from the different situations in environment and the matter is not so much changeable from exterior forces. What other can exists everywhere in the Universe and regulates the structure of matter, be connected always together with the matter and participates in order to the structure of matter be the same everywhere and with the same laws? What other can we find, which will isn't fantastic and will connected permanently with each reality, except of the called "empty" space? The presence of the free space is not an accidental results by the exterior connection of material things, but it is an obligatory limit (in length, time and quantity) for the energy and for connection of material things, which are presented by the wave changes in the previous and balanced energy situation of the free space.


• A lot of separate forces in each one microscopic atom of matter? Or a common force (or decrease and destabilization in a common force) for all the atoms of cosmos?

• Accidental and from null basis the specifications in each atom of matter and coincidentally the same specifications everywhere in to Universe and after some process (like copy-paste), with that the structure of the atoms is copied, in enormous distances of the free space? Or, the separate atoms of matter are connected and created permanently by a common quantity and with the invisible presence of a common energy?

•  The timing in the microscopic particles becomes accidental and the composition of constant things and the visible cosmos (even for limited time interval) is coincidental? Or do exist in advance the limits in the motion, in quantity of energy which are exchanged and the laws for the materialization of invisible space energy ? " Do the particles dance in the rythm of the creation and destruction " each one as independent, or play a same music for all the atoms and " they are hearing music "?


If the minimal wave length λmin for the transfer of electromagnetic waves coincides or approaches the quantity h=6,62606xx10-34 m, that in the physics baptizes " momentum " (because the minimal length is related with balanced energy of free space), then the spectrum of electromagnetic waves approaches in the highest frequency fmax=1042 Hz. That is to say, astonishingly bigger than the limit, which usually we read in the books of physics and in the most specialised books for the technicians. Do have been detected these electromagnetic waves from some researcher or they are non-existent because they are appeared as particles? Are these a part of spectrum related with the attributes of empty space? Nowise is not strangeness, that the appearance of matter constitutes a particular phenomenon of oscillation in a balanced the energy and stagnant electromagnetic situations in decreased frequency, but more above ≈1015 Hz than the visible light. Is it more logical and intelligent, we reverse the highest frequency fmax in the Universe (the finish of electromagnetic spectrum), we make a minimal time 1/fmax = Tmin  and then we search what existed in this minimal time interval ? 



Finally, the physicists could easily and exploratory think with the help of scientific imagination, that the matter is permanently created by the " small explosions " on the indivisible space, that they have called "atoms", conventionally. I'm sorry if disappoint you, but the errors, the neglect, the requirements, the madness and the delay in the science do not have a such precedent. They gave, however, the occasion in suitable person, that will present noiseless the physical interpretation about conundrum of the Creation, and not only he will turn on the spark for the complete mathematic formulation of this theory, but moreover he will gives messages, that will cause sensation and shame: 1) He will gives a good lesson about the human logic in those who placed the models and specifications in the education and for the success in scientific thought and furthermore 2) it was given an occasion is heard the voice about the internal and ethical values of the life, where the human without these values cannot be reliable nowhere in his life, neither unbiased and fair, neither near at the reality, so as the human believe from the deceitful half truth.


How would you react and what would you say, if attempt an offer in order to help somebody likeable fellowman, who has need but in order to accepts your help, puts the following terms:

You will come in certain hour exactly, will push the bell only once, will speak without trip your language, you will fill a form, describe and enumerate clearly your offer and will sign it. Somehow thus the officialdom of many scientists (with their teamwork), prevents the theoretical research, discourages the effort from independent researchers and intellectual authors while encourages certain researchers and co-workers selectively, according to the finances, advertising, collaborating and profits. Somehow thus, the research is prevented, because some professionals should gain time and they have not interest to think more in order to correct certain errors. Somehow thus, the research is prevented, because somebodies have trouble to defaced their serious profile and for their reliability and they are afraid for promoting of their works, because the independent works are not written with their terms, so as those have been familiarized or because the works have been written without the educative level that they consider essential to seems. And this their phobia, somebodies show as courage and efficacy, in order to the science is protected, ostensibly, from the unskilled people!


A microscopic material carrier (an atom, a particle) such as a simpler thing of the Universe, as a minimal part in the division of things, could not has other at­tributes apart from some relative attributes, that result from the change of their place, from the time interval in their interaction and motion and by the time inter­val in that, the particles are generated with the most rapid transfer of energy. The particles would existed for always accidentally and quantitatively like the molecules of gas, if the “empty” space and the presence of the total universe did not put the conditions, that force “to contract” relations between them. Even the word “atmosphere” contains the significance of a ball (spherical slope) and like an attribute the "surrounding". It cannot be used allegorically in order to is shown the chaotic motion, that would exists with the all meaning of chaos. The rhythmical and synchronous change in the microscopic existence of the material elements is all their quality and structure. This theoretical observation we could say it, even if we ignored, that the structural elements are the minimal ways, with which the full Universe becomes relatively and lastingly, even if previously we have not consid­er that the things are ways of configuration in only one common substance (so as has already wrote the philosopher Spinoza in correct direction of search, since the 17th century). Now however, we understand furthermore, that also their elemen­tary structure of particles and each stability in their presence again is owed in the conditions, in that a balanced quantity of energy oscillates and in repeated or syn­chronized motions· and such motions are imposed by the simultaneous energy of the free space (that is, with simultaneous presence of the stabilized and full total of the things, of the complete universe). 




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The impasse of self-existent structural elements and about the wave phenomena






Did they wonder in the modern cosmology, how complete can be a physical interpretation about the Universe, such as this that they dream, when it doesn't offer the minimal knowledge in order to is explained the presence of the life in to Universe? The cosmological theories that have been formulated with mathematics and are considered prevailing theories do not open any passing to this direction of nature. It would be supposed, the physicists to understand this theoretical impasse as their problem and they do not leave the problem unsolvable or for answer from the theology.

The life and the soul begin from the microscopic dimensions and not by the combination of the coarse material bodies. By no means accidental it is not! The Universe is self-existent, because it is present, immutable and " solid " in the limits of the biggest total time (max period) and about this reason the Universe is immediately existing. In other words, the all Universe exists simultaneously and the " immediately " (directness) it coincide with the " internal " and " inwardness ". From this ostensibly absurdity and contradictory idea, we will lead to incredible reasonable consequences and open the street for the physical interpretation about phenomenon of the life. The beginning of the life and timing in the interaction between many particles are achieved with the fastest ways of interaction and these ways presuppose the simultaneous presence of the 100% completed Universe, that it appear in our eyes like an absence of free space...




THE physical interpretation AND MATHEMATIC INVESTIGATION  






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