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Theory about a completed time and the relativity of energy
(A unified theory about time, space and matter)


 The close relation between the mass and speed of electromagnetic waves (7)

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<•> What is the centripetal velocity Vg of the relation √ Gm / r in microcosm?

Where is found the so-called Planck's mass [Mpl =√(h c /G) = 5,45624 x10-8 kg] that results theoretically since three physical constants c, h and G? Is it a quantity of mass that exists really? The investigation for the answer in this question, reveals the close relation between phenomenon of mass with the energy of electromagnetic waves and the change in their own motion…


The man who observed the mathematical equivalence between in the speed of the light and increase of the mass up to the limit Mpl=5,45624 x10-8 kg, did not stop his attempt. A lot of equations were revised in order to be conform with the result, if the mass increased with this limit. "Let's watch now, a recital of the logic, that as simple it seems, so serious are the consequences. (...) Some thoughts that normally would have been done a century ago but better late than never" as he has wrote. Because the existence of this limit, does not allow in particles that have uneven mass to increase their mass by the same amount, even when they "move" with equal speed, the author properly calls its own corrected theory " scalable relativity ". The particles themselves are such as are because already have a speed (inherent, built-in) and is different for each one. They do not start moving at the same speed or from a stationary condition, so it can to increase equally. "Einstein accepted as maximum speed limit on C but not justified why nature sets this restriction only in the speed. He did not explain why nature let the other sizes freely, can be varied to infinity or zero. This is a shortcoming in his theory" as correctly has been noticed.

This mathematical observation was the reason for trying to be detected mathe­matical relations in physical explanation for a complete universe and always this same within a maximum period of time. One of the goals in my own effort was to find out, what is this speed Vg that results of the relation √(GM/λ). Because of the interpretation about a complete and stable universe (with all possible ways), they were logical conclusions, first of all the existence of limits on sizes of time, length, energy, mass and speed (due the central view, that was postulated the stability of an integrated universe in the limits of a maximum period of time). Some of the first and main thoughts of this philosophical explanation through the general concepts, were the following:

· A relation of the phenomenon to create particles with the decrease in the balanced energy of the free space.

· A relation of (centralized) energy in the finite space with gravitational force and the curvature.

· A relation between reduction of most high speed (in energy of free space) with presence of matter as bodies and particles

With a such view for the nature, it is logical to we think and to search for a relation in the reduction ratio of the maximum speed, with that are created particles and the structure of matter, by the "simultaneous" energy of the free space. The relation between the spatial energy that is concentrated with presence of mass, also would had a rate. What relation could had the speed √(GM/λ) with the above phenomena? What can express this centripetal velocity by the relation √(GM/λ) in subatomic microcosm? These were some of the initial thinking when I learned this simple relation.


Mathematically and according to the formulas of physics, the units are correct and correct is the observation for the limit to increase in mass if √(GM/λ)=c. But arise many questions that have already answered in physics and their answers do not match with the known reality, so as that described by the formulas of this new mathematical logic. In contrast, there are questions that remain unanswered by this relation between speed and mass. For example, what does mean a gravitational speed? When talking about a speed, then we can describe and say for a localized body, which moves unto a point from a path, and certain other details. This speed can be considered as a property of particles? Does this motion of particles is "interior" and in this case, how will is defined their speed? Does have a meaning, if this speed is in a straight or circular moving? How is connected this (gravitational) speed with the other speeds that have observed in the microscopic structure of matter? Where is the maximum mass of the three physical constants [√(h c /G], in which is assigned a motion at the speed of light? How is related the number of particles in a atom with this mass Planck? What are the conditions that ensure a constant speed for certain permanent particles, as are the electrons? Do applied forces in particles in order to have their speed? How does maintained an uniformity in the structure of matter in a huge quantity, which is distributed throughout the Universe? It has a meaning to talk about a such mass of the three physical constants (c, h, G), if this does not really exist in nature and is only a theoretical necessity? It is known that the superior speed of light occurs with particles that are massless (as photons). How does a relatively sizable mass of 10-8 kg coincides with motion at speed of light? This last logical question it should be the first that comes to mind.


These are some deadlocks questions that emerge since a distorted mechanistic view for the universe and things. Arise when we think about the things as if were "made" of compacted pellets. The correct mathematical formulation for the limit in the increase of mass/inertia when increasing the speed, must coincides with the correct physical interpretation for the phenomena, and certainly not to conflicts with all that are already proven and are unambiguous.


It should not we say and seek, how a mass increases with increasing speed in a "mass" that already exists. Thus, we would leave the presence of the mass as an unexplained phenomenon and separated from the general phenomenon of motion. We must explain, how the mass attains to is presented with stable existence (in particles and finally in molecules), while in microscopic area it was a change in a move similar as electromagnetic waves. We must explain and to be wondered, under what conditions it can grow as a "bottled" or "compressed" motion, so as intuitively a physicist has told. One of the greatest comebacks and promising discoveries in physics comes of this close relation between the mass, electromagnetism and gravity and all together with the com­mon amount of energy of the "empty" space.


The speed Vg that we find from the relation √(GM/λ) associated with the three fundamental physical constants h, c, G, through the relation that they have between them and especially from their association with the mass Mplanck=√(hc/G)=5,45624 x10-8 kg. This velocity Vg shows correspondingly less for smaller amounts of mass according to the relation Mpl / M = C / V. After this observation and the introduction of a limit of a maximum amount of mass corresponding to the maximum speed limit, the known relations of physics and all that are known about the structure of matter, associated with this same speed. So as they connected with the three physical constants h, c, G. Many of these known relations of physics apply in microcosm and in the world of astronomical bodies. Moreover, we know the fundamental relation between mass and the phenomena of electromagnetism (since hf/c2 = M). This means, that the formulas used for calculation of masses, gravitational force and mechanical movements come together and are associated with the type used for electromagnetic phenomena. With a quick application of some formulas and preliminary calculations, we will see later, that some relationships that apply to the heavenly bodies are applied with greater precision and ease for the particles. With all these observations, it would be nonsense and definitely indifference and timidity, even for a modern philosopher, not to look how all these phenomena are linked and finally about the connection of types, which are apply for the description or interpretation about the structure of matter.


With a relaxed investigate to understand what is the connection of speed Vg (from the relation √(GM/r) applied in microcosm) with other quantities and sizes, which we know for particles quickly notice some coincidences that guide research. When we collect the sizes that related to the amount Mpl=√(hc/G)=5,45624 x10-8 kg we can observe that the Compton's length λpl of this maximum amount of mass (or energy respectively Μpl·c2) approaching the quantity of the constant h, since h/λpl =16,3574. And indeed, the result has units of momentum and shows that h/λpl = Μpl·c. A physicist can easily think of many cases and to investigate for the possibility that there is a minimum wavelength λmin in nature, approaching the amount of constant h≈10-34 and what this entails.


But when we take the amount of constant h experimentally and straight as if it coincides with a minimum wavelength λmin and then we compute the other sizes (with the known relations), then we perceive more coincidences. Approaching the minimum min and maximum limits max between the two cases arousing suspicions, while the amount of mass / inertia Mpl=√(hc/G), from an imaginary mass and a theoretical prediction with any limitations arising, this theoretical mass betrays physical reality. The imaginary mass of the  three constants Mpl=√(hc/G) it disclosed with mathematics so as phenomenon caused by electromagnetic energy hf, with the speed of light c and inseparable from the phenomenon of the gravitational field. The three universal constants h, c, G do not occur only in the quantity of an imaginary mass. They meet with the observation, that the minimum wavelength λmin almost coincides with the constant h, which is not only a theoretical quantity and all electromagnetic phenomena are connected with this constant, theoretically and technically. The minimum wavelength λmin almost coincides with the constant h and therefore with the quantity h/2p which is essential for the structure of matter and regulates radii and lengths of orbits in the structure of matter. Thus, all three universal constants h, c, G, p also linked, just because the minimum length λmin almost coincides with the tiny amount of constant h.


Mpl c2 = Eplanck

Eplanck / h = 7,4008 x1042 Hz


c / hbar =ωmax ω / 2π = fmax

= 0,452444 x1042 Hz

h fmax = Ec


Mpl =√(hc /G) = 5,456246 x10-8 kg

fpl = 7,4008 x1042 Hz

Tpl = 0,13512 x10-42 sec

Epl = 49,038293 x108 J

Emin = h 1Hz = 6,62606 x10-34

Mmin = h 1Hz/c2 = 0,73725 x10-50 kg

λpl = c / fpl = 0,405080 x10-34 m

apl = fpl2 λpl = c2 /λpl = 22,186977 x1050 m/s2



Mc = 0,3335641 x10-8 kg = Mpl / 16,3574 = 1/c

fc = 0,452444 x1042 Hz

Tc = 2,210218 x10-42 sec

Ec = 2,997924 x108 (kg m2 /s ?)


Mmin = Mc/fc = 0,73725 x10-50 kg/Hz

λc = λmin = 6,62606 x10-34 m

amax = fc2 λc = c2 /λpl = 1,356391 x1050 m/s2

Mpl / Mc This ratio 16,357 and the small relatively disparity between limits in the two cases is important and instructive for the research, mainly for the following observation: With a small ratio, it do not change extremely the enormous numbers, the quantities (after the exhibitor almost remains the itself), however they change subversively the units and the phenomena that we describe.


If the quantity of maximum mass that results of the three global constants h, c, G was not close to the quantity 10-8 kg, then these physical constants would be different quantities and the minimum length λmin could be distant enough than the quantity h. In the latter case, the units and phenomena measuring units, they would be clearly separated each one from other and they do not changed for a small quantity, of infinite numbers. The minimum length λmin approaching the quantity h ≈ 10-34 m and this means, that a change in a such small quantity (with 16.3574 times the length λpl) change everything in physics and the universe! So simple, with a theoretical observation that can do any good schoolboy, revealed yet, the difficulty to interpreted a multitude of microscopic phenomena and the structure of the material elements and the need of nature to be quick in its creative processes, after the tiny changes should not deviate to a minimum, so as not to lose the synchronization and creative discussion of phenomena.




With the relation V =(G M) = λplanck / Tm

we can observe the speed V that results for each particle (and it is faster when is more its mass, until maximum c for the mass Μplanck) this speed results with the stable length λplanck but in different time/period Τ.


M = V Mplanck / c = V^2 λ / G



V = sq root (G M / λ) = λplanck / T



The relation λ= Μplanck G / c2 with a relatively large inertia (Mpl=5,45624 x10-8 kg) gives the minimum length λmin =4,05080 x10-35 m. In order to result larger lengths λ that correspond to smaller amounts of mass / inertia and in those that we have calculated for the structure of matter, is necessary to reduce the speed c2 in the denominator. Not to increase the insuperable Μplanck


These relations require a proportional relation for elementary school students:


C / V = Mplanck / M


With an initial observation of the proportional relation Mpl /Μ = C/V it looks like it was made by a child. When someone knows of physics perhaps does the same suspi­cion, that also passed from my own thought: If the mass corresponded with dollars or with beans, then we can to calculate the mass of the particles, with equivalent amounts of dollars or beans... This correlation between the mass and the speed can not be as­sessed if someone observes it, without having made a such investigation for the relation of matter with motion. The first indication for the importance of this simple relation, it is that in physics has confirmed the closer relation between these two phenomena. That is, a quantity of a mass corresponding to a value of speed, this is not a random correla­tion. The nature existed and continues to exist if missing the dollars and beans. But the speed is one of the fundamental phenomena, without which there would be nothing. Physicists are people and people still to have a sense of weakness opposite in the inex­haustible nature. Also spiritually, the people do not have enough courage and they think, that research of the physical world is as difficult as it is vast the world. So, what it seems very simple and easy to thought, it is degraded and they forgets it. If something is complicated, then it caused fear or fascination, even more, if the people discover an harmony of its parts and an improbable conver­gence, that they could not to imagine.



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Is there a theory that explains logically, scientifically and with reference to ob­servable phenomena the applying forces from afar, with the same laws throughout the universe and throughout time? The matter, either nearby or far away, is connected with something public, with a common reality and even so, that the matter always maintains the same structure. The formation and structure of the material elements does not depend of the objects and the different states of the environment and is not so much volatile with external forces. What else can be found everywhere in the Uni­verse and regulates the structure of matter, be always connected with its and that it contributes in the structure in order to is the same everywhere and with same laws? What else we can find, which is not fantastic and permanently to associated with any thing, other than the so-called "free" space? What else can be found everywhere in the Universe and regulates the structure of matter with real presence and not by theo­retical laws? No theory that describes the creation of things with primary material ele­ments or tiny particles can not give a serious and logical interpretation and empiri­cally founded, for the presence of the same forces and limits everywhere in the Uni­verse.

The simpler relations of physics, which use the most capable researchers in order to they solve the most tangled mathematic problems and in order to find solutions in the impasses of modern physics, these relations should they had been supplemented and they had been delimited by the professionals physicists. A lot of decades were lost and now, a philosopher reveals, that the simpler types of physics could be supplemented of a student of medium education !
















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