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Theory of completed time and the relativity of energy
(Unified theory about time, space and matter's)

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preexists the completed total...


"They are not the exterior material things which with the movement, with the approaching, the removal, the union and their segregation, these achieve a balanced total (of things) and the maintenance of physical laws. On the contrary, the completed total preexists..."


Since Hegel's and Maxwell' time up to today, all the philosophical efforts about cosmological questions, they were using as reliable data the discoveries from the physics. The philosophers did not invoke these discoveries simply in order to they strengthen their own theories but furthermore, they were incorporating and using them in their theory, in order to base and develop their own philosophical theories. Seeing the rapid growth of sciences and mainly in the physics, many thinkers were in a hurry to declare that the Philosophy died and they focused their thought in questions about the human logic and meaning of human life. For first time is happen (as long as I know in the last 150 roughly years), is formulated a philosophical theory, beginning from few usual general terms and it reaches with logical consequence, without experiments and calculations in the formulation of relations and limits, with the terms of the physics and with perspective to do it corrections. The theory about a Complete Time achieves the interpretation about many physical phenomena, reveals their unknown relations and still, it accomplishes shows with what other thoughts and formulations we could reach in the same observations


Theory of the Completed Time → Complete and Simultaneous Universe

and the Relativity of Energy → Finite free space with balanced quantity of energy and fluctuations.



The suggestion that connects the philosophy with maths and drives at the simply experience observations in the scientific area of physics and in the thought about the relativity of time with the simply logic:

The universe is perfect because is present, immutable and “solid” within the limits of one utmost total time - and for this reason “immediate” exists. The growth of phenomenal absurd and contradictory idea  lead to incredible logical consequences!

For first time, a philosophical thought about the beginning of the Universe is formulated with a quantitative relation, which is regulating and decisive for the all things and with the direct requirement, the thought to seek the reasonable consequences of this quantitative relation in the existence of things. Still, for first time, a such general thought that is reported in its entirety the world, connected immediately with the mathematics and with the prospect are researched the phenomena, in order to we ascertain the reasonable consequences of this quantitative relation and moreover, with the reasonable expectation, that we might make some measurements and calculations. Because, the initial reasonable thought imports a quantitative relation, as is the biggest time period and the time concerns the all individual things, that it means, we can think how a biggest time period influences them, what relations it imposes and what marks it causes with some way in the individual things.


The physicists had not said that they do not know… They had said that do not exist limits and even, they had said that the change of a relation does not depend from the limits of its change and from the limits in certain other relations! The leading physicists and capable researchers, before they seek solutions with complicated mathematics and before they place questions about the paradoxical phenomena, they did not think the most likely interpretations about the impasses in the modern physics and they did not use certain from the simplest relations. Each one with the knowledge of a mediocre student of medium education can understand the below relations and realize the turn in the research and how the mathematic formulation is simplified, if few fundamental relations had been used even as a supposition (testly)! In those who said for the philosophy, that its thought dried up and has not to contributes something new in the scientific knowledge, I would wish they answer in my query: Where do belong the following mathematic relations, in the Philosophy or in the Physics?


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fmax = Vmax / λmin            λmin = Vmax / fmax = Vmax Tmin | όπου λmin = h


Emax = h fmax = h / Tmin = h c / λmin = Mmax c2           Mmax = h fmax / c2 = h / c λmin


Tmax = Vmax / amin               Tmin = λmin / Vmax           Tmin = λmin / Vmax = Vmax / amax


Fundamental relation for the unification of physical phenomena

Vmax = amin Tmax = amax Tmin



Emax / Emin = Tmax / Tmin                 P = h fmin / Tmin =  h fmax / Tmax



From the start of his philosophical searches in the decade of '80s, one young man with low educative level wrote the below cogitations and daily he removed the consequences that are imposed in the individual things, from his initial admission:


" The all things constitute a constant total in the limits of one moment, are not infinite in number, they do not affect with unlimited ways from each other and the most indirect way that influences each one other is not endless ". p139


" If the total of things were not a direct cause in itself, if it were not a stabilised quality (inside of a broadly time), then the said things would not constitute ways of a common substance. They would exist with unspecified ways and unlimited possibilities, in unspecified moments, without continuity nowise and they could not be with a relatively constant and united quality, neither have common elements " p145


" We should not speak about the law of conservation of energy or matter (that is to say, about an abstract reality), but about the law of the stability of the Universe quality, which is enounced with perfect clearness (better-aimed) and more explicit ". p149


“ The world moment is not constituted by endless or infinite number of smaller moments, otherwise the Universe would not always be the itself in the limits of one (wide) moment. The limits of the sub-moments should not be smaller than a certain minimal limit (otherwise they would be infinite in number) ”. p153


" It exists a biggest time limit, the Universal Moment, which cannot be divided unlimitedly, thus exists also a minimal moment, by that are predetermined temporally limits in the indirect (material) interactions and in the things, that exist as some (combined) ways of interaction in the substance and thus have a direct (or close) relation with the time (...) All things should change by such ways, so that always would be maintained same the Quality of the Universe. We should not speak about the law of conservation of energy or matter (that is to say, about the abstract reality), but about the best-aimed law of a Finished Time (Stable Maximum Period) ". p269


◄ In order to the Universe is always itself and in the same time interval of one longest period, the all individual things with their movements, they should to become with determined limits and do not specified only from other external things.

Almost 20 years afterwards, with the formulation very well adapted in the vocabulary of physics, the previous ascertainment is synopsized as following:


The Universe in order to is always itself and in the same time interval of one longest period, and in order to has a meaning the law for the conservation of energy, the all individual things with their movements should become synchronized with the simultaneous dynamic participating of their Common Total and from its nearest distance, that in us appears as absence of empty (free) space from far, while from very near as a nuclear force. So, in changes enforced certain irreducible limits (min) and biggest (max) limits: in the time t and T, in the length l and λ, in speed V, in the frequency f, in the rythm of change of speed ±a, in the change of mass M, in the transfer of energy hf, in the size of force F.

For example the philosophical thought: "The matter without a preceding and complexional reality it would not had a structure and stabilized existence". With terminology of Physics, "the preceding and complexional reality" participates such as a free space, while the matter and its dynamical structure interpreted with e/m waviness at the balanced energy of the free space. The same thought with another wording and more analysis reiterated in many excerpts yet.




1986 - 2010



With the logical consequence and without conflict between thoughts and observations of our experience, I have formulated the all thoughts, which are found the fundamental opinion, that the Total of material things influences simultaneously as a total each individual thing and predetermines the attributes and the quantity of their structural elements. With sure 100% vocabulary, (with few general significances that do not express non-existent phenomena), with knowledge of possible solutions that has been attempted in the history of Philosophy, with lengthy analyses and with alternative formulations of the ideas, for a long time and with the same punctuality, so as in the numerical calculations, I have formulated the unique opinion, which it should we accept about the creation of the Universe. The unique opinion that does not lead to impasse, but on the contrary to reliable thoughts, where are approach in the questions of the physics and in the observations of many phenomena, that they preceded in the Science by a lucky coincidence. The unique opinion, that the Universe always was completed and stabilized inside the limits of a biggest time interval.


With the full certainty for the truth of this opinion, which no one did not formulate plainly and clarity and with the aim to expounds a physical interpretation, also with the advantage of a life in later season (in order the researcher can includes the abundant scientific knowledge), therefore I was forced to think exceeding my resistances and I develop this concept in many years and in hundreds pages, with cost in other personal wishes and in my social life. My insistence was still bigger in order to I can simplify and clarify this basic opinion of my cosmological theory and give in all humans to understand the consequence and prospect of these philosophical thoughts. Unfortunately, it did not happen, never, somebody to answer me, that he understands this general physical interpretation or is interested in order to understands it. No one thought, neither effort, neither clue, no one observation, neither suspicion did not cause the interest about this original cosmological theory. On the contrary, a lot of reasons are existed, from an error, an ambiguity, an unanswered question, from lack of the mathematics and some reasons irrelevant with the content of the philosophical thoughts, in order to somebody does not take these thoughts seriously. 


Finally, from an initial investigation, about what answers would give this new cosmological theory in the questions of the modern physics and astrophysics, with the terms that these exact sciences require, I could find a simple mathematic relation, which it can causes an interest and to gives in the intelligence of the scientist to understands the central idea of my theory, that did not become comprehensible by any other way :



Was it more logical, more intelligent and reliable for an astrophysicist reverses the highest frequency fmax of the Universe (of the electromagnetic spectrum), does make a minimal time 1/fmax = Tmin and then to searches what existed in this minimal time interval?

Do we will insist in the search what existed in the first seconds of famous Big Explosion?

OR do we will seek what's going on by the electromagnetic waves in the finish of electromagnetic spectrum and how does the energy of waves is accumulated in decreased frequency and cause the electromagnetic phenomena, that create the constant structure of matter?

A most minimum time tmin, in that the Universe began is created sometime or a frequency fmax, in that the energy of empty (free) space is transmitted (or oscillated) so as waves and does cause the electromagnetic phenomena that maintain small sums of energy in stagnant situations?

Every educated man will await a concise answer.


► Around us, they becomes exchanges of energy and also interactions with the matter in frequencies more than 1020 Hz, in microscopic dimensions and with the speed of the light. Up to now, this reality we didn't calculate it, we simplified it with the concept of the "free" space and we perceived flippant its presence from the electromagnetic phenomena and from the gravity. An invisible reality participates permanently in the material developments with sums of energy, that are exchanged and altered between 1020 - 1042 Hz and this reality they ignored in the science. This reality participates permanently and simultaneously for entire the material world, from the one point up to the utmost other…In the physics, the sums of energy, that are exchanged and altered in the very soon time intervals (t=1/f), they called them "particles".

Do you speak yet, about a total creation of the Universe also about the fantasy of a Big Bang ?


1st publication on Earth



Look at the serious, logic and intelligently questions that they must  to search ...





* In order to is formulated the above ascertainment separately, so concisely and with the usual vocabulary, they needed almost 20 years ceaseless and multifaceted theoretical research. I wish you do not need other so much years in order to you lead in the same ascertainment !

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The unlimited increase of frequency, would mean infinite quantity transfer of energy at the unit of time. If it was infinite, then the conservation of energy would be an accidental phenomenon. It would not exist the minimal quantity of time tmin = λmin / Vmax neither a highest frequency fmax = Vmaxmin, neither a minimal (h/sec) quantity of energy h = Emax/fmax




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