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The website has been created longly-lasting with not speculative effort and on the contrary, with conscience of difficulties and privations that the intellectual author faced them from the first moment of his philosophical effort.


<•> The philosophical thoughts and the development of cosmological theory are not exhausted in the published web pages. In the web pages have not been included certain important observations, while have been recorded a lot of fundamental relations and experimental calculations, mainly for investigation and not because they constitute the solution in a problem. Still, in the web pages is not presented exclusively the physical interpretation about the structure of the Universe and matter, with all steps of thought that facilitates the comprehension of the theory and the answers in the queries that are created. The most advanced solution of theoretical problems, the complete physical interpretation with the essential relations and with the effective thread and steps in the thought, they are looked after and are developed unpublished, in order to they will constitute an advantage in the printed publication with a book and for reasons of recognition for the intellectual author of the cosmological theory.



The answer in one of the first queries, in which every physicist would want it hears, this answer reveals the solution almost entire of the riddle about the relations between the physical phenomena and overturn decidedly the fantasy about an overall creation of the universe. Still, it humiliates the robotic intelligence of world scientific community: How does the structure of matter (such as is formed in the first atom) is enforced has a such mass quantity specifically and the known atomic dimensions? Who can gives a short answer in this logical question, with and without calculations? If do not, then their inquiring and cognitional failing is more an issue particularly helpful for the investigation about the human intellect and for the epistemology.


I stress it, in 2010 was interrupted the publication of newer observations and solutions that have been given with calculations and undeniable fundamental relations in a lot of important problems of the physics and astrophysics.


Why in Greece, is difficult so much for a physicist does communicate with me for friendly collaboration, without money and without selfishness? With the collaboration of one ambitious physicist, will be given the rarely occasion for the Greek history, the book to be translated in the English language and to constitute a turning-point in the history of the physics and philosophy. With world recognition, with the all advantages and the profits that will result from the publications of its content in scientific magazines or from any other media, or by any probable reward for offer to the scientific research. Read the call in GR language here > (unfortunately only GR).