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c =2,997924 x108 m/s



h = 6,62606 x 10-34 kg m2 / sec



π = 3,141592...



2π = 6,283185



c2 =8,98755 x1016



μο = 4π x 10-7 H/m



εο=1/36π 109 F/m



μο/εο =zo =μο c



c = 1 / √ μο εο



c2 = 1 / μο εο



Ε = h f = hc / λ



Εo = m c2 = F λ



Fη = k q1 q2 / r2  



c=120π /4π x10-7  






c / h =fmax  



 c = fmax λmin



 c = amax tmin



c = zo / μ



 fmax=Vmax /λmin



Fmax=Emax /λmin



  λmin = c2 /amax



  amax = c2 / λmin



amax=λmin fmax2



Emax=Fmax λmin



 Emax = fmax h



Henry Farad =sec2



e=1,602176 x10-19



√2 = 1,4142135



0,452444 x1042



1,35639 x1050 



1,23559 x1020




2,26873 x1023




h / c λmin = Mmax




Vmax = Mmax V / M




h c  / λ = Mpl G / λ





λe / re 2π = c / Vκ





1rad / s ~ 0,1591 Hz







Relativity of time or energy? - The big traps of experience - the small explosions of indivisible space…





preexists the completed total...

"They are not the exterior material things which with the movement, with the approaching, the removal, the union and their segregation these achieve a balanced total (of things) and the maintenance of physical laws. On the contrary, the completed total preexists..." 

Since the Hegel's and Maxwell's time until today, all philosophi­cal efforts for answer about the cosmo­logical questions are used as safe data the disco­veries of physics. The philo­sophers had been trusted on these discoveries not only to strengthen their own theories, but their own philosophical theories begin from these these discoveries and incorporate them. Many thinkers seeing the rapid growth in the sciences and mainly in the physical philosophy were in a hurry to de­clare, that the Philosophy died. A large number of thinkers focalize their thinking on the issues for the logic, on epistemo­logy, about the meaning of human life and in political theories. Rarely happens (as much as I know in the last 150 roughly years), a philo­sophical theory that has begun from a few usual general terms in order to de­scribes overall the diversity of cosmos (some­how as would have make a philosopher of previous centuries) and so rationally to gives new explanations and particularly deduce certain universal limits. Thus imperatively, a rational theory by thoughts that were unfolded in so long time gave symbols in these limits and a plan of certain first calculations. An inve­stigation begun with the strict terms of physics and mathematical equations with aim to achieved solu­tions in earlier and in recent questions about the nature. The theory of a Complete Universe reveals the close rela­tions in a lot of physical phenomena and achieves their inter­pretation, while further it attains to show, with what other thoughts and usual words, we could to attain the same observations…

With usual words...


• The unique opinion, that the Universe always was completed and stabilized inside the limits of a longest time interval.


• The Total of material things influences simultaneously as a total each individual thing and pre­determines the attributes and the quantity of their structural ele­ments.


• The role of the Total for the individual things is revealed in the Science, with the phenomenon of the free space and with the ele­ctromagnetic phenomena, which are inherent with the free space and generate the phenomena that cause the presence of particles and their attributes.













The suggestion that connect the philosophy with mathematics and drive it at the simply experience observations in the scientific area of physics and in the opinion about relativity of time with the simply logic:

The Universe is perfect (with all possible ways) because is present, immutable and “solid”  within the limits of one utmost total time (maximum period Tuni)- and for this reason exists without any mediation, that is immediately. The Universe per Maxi­mum Time Period is always itself, same as ever. The unfolding of this seeming absurd and contradictory idea leads to incredible logical consequences! The material world in its entirety of time is complete, directly and simultaneous (with all possible ways) and exists relatively as a finite space and balanced quantity of energy for all what they can happen indirectly with the structural elements, which are exist so as fluctuations of this constant quantity. Thus, the (complete) Universe permanently acts upon (nuclear force) in the structural elements from which this begins and created indirectly, relatively, as if was external and incomplete…


The physicists, but particularly the researchers, they had not said that ignore. They were searching the physical phenomena and were solving sequences of equations, having the belief, that are not exist limits in the nature! Therefore, they had any thought, that the change of a size is depended from the extreme limits of this size, but furthermore, it depend from the limits in certain other relations. In other words, they have ignore one of the first laws, that apply to the nature. While they had signs of few physical constants, without which all their calculations are useless. The leading physicists and capable researchers, before they seek solutions with complicated mathematics and before they set questions about the paradoxical phenomena, they had not think the most likely interpretations (so as to elude from the impasses in the modern physics) and they did not use certain from the simplest relations. Anybody with the knowledge of a mediocre student of medium education can understands the below relations and to perceives the turn in the research and how the mathematic formulation is simplified, if few fundamental relations had been used even as a supposition (thus searchingly)!


1st publication on Earth

ISBN 978-960-93-2431-1

fmax = Vmax / λmin            λmin = Vmax / fmax = Vmax Tmin | όπου λmin = h


Emax = h fmax = h / Tmin = h c / λmin = Mmax c2           Mmax = h fmax / c2 = h / c λmin


Tmax = Vmax / amin               Tmin = λmin / Vmax           Tmin = λmin / Vmax = Vmax / amax


The Fundamental relation for the unification of physical phenomena

Vmax = amin Tmax = amax Tmin



Emax / Emin = Tmax / Tmin                 P = h fmin / Tmin =  h fmax / Tmax



With the start of his philosophical searches in the decade of '80s, a young man with low educative level wrote the below reasoning and daily he removed the consequences that are imposed in the individual things, from his initial admission, without mathematic calculation :


" The all things constitute a constant total in the limits of one moment, are not infinite in number, they do not affect with unlimited ways from each other and the most indirect way that influences each other is not endless ". p139


" The discontinuity and the limit in the continuous development of things are a necessary consequence and the relative beginning from the stability of their common total ". p112


" If the total of things were not a direct cause in itself, if it were not a stabilised quality (like a total Time), then the said things would not constitute ways of a common substance. They would exist with unspecified ways and unlimited possibilities, in unspecified moments, without continuity nowise and they could not be with a relatively constant and united quality, neither have certain common elements ". p145


" We should not speak about the law of the conservation of energy or matter (that is to say, about an abstract reality), but about the law of the stability of Universe quality, which is enounced with perfect clearness (better-aimed) and more explicit ". p149


“ The world moment is not constituted by endless or infinite number of smaller moments, otherwise the Universe would not always be the itself in the limits of only one (wide) moment. The limits of the sub-moments should not be smaller than a certain minimal limit (otherwise the smaller moments would be infinite in number) ”. p153


" It exists a biggest time limit, the Universal Moment, which cannot be divided unlimitedly, thus exists also a minimal moment, by that are predetermined temporally limits in the indirect (material) interactions and in the things, that are exist as ways of interaction in the substance and thus have a direct relation with the time (...) All things should change by such ways so that always would be maintained same the Quality of the (full) Universe. We should not speak about the law of conservation of energy or matter (that is to say, about an abstract reality), but about the best-aimed law of the Finished Time (Stable Maximum Period)". p269


" The free space is the energy of in its entirety time, is the completed and simultaneous energy that corresponds in the finished time limit of the Universe (in the maximum period), while relatively it constitutes the possibility of indirect interaction, that is to say the relative beginning of time and simultaneous as an afterthought " p180


" The (free) space is the energy of in its entirety time and in the minimal time corresponds a minimal energy and a minimal distance " p186


◄ The Universe in order to is always itself and in the same time interval of only one biggest period, all individual things with their motions, they should to become with determined limits and do not specified only from other external things. 

Almost 20 years afterwards, with the formulation very well adapted in the vocabulary of physics, the previous ascertainment is synopsized as following:


In order to the Universe is always this itself and in the fixed time interval in only one maximum period, and in order to has a meaning the law of the conservation of energy, must all the individual things with their motions should become synchronized with the simultaneous dynamic participation of their Common Total.

This complete universe in its nearest distance is appeared in us as a nuclear force, while from far it appeared as absence with an empty space. So, in the changes of balanced energy enforced an irreducible limit (min) and an utmost (max) limit: in the time t and T, in the length l and λ, in speed V, in the frequency f, in the rythm of change of speed ±a, in the increase of mass M, in the transfer of energy hf, in the size of force F, at least in these.









Was it most logical, most intelligent, most reliable for an astrophysicist reverses the highest frequency fmax in the Universe (of the e/m spectrum), does make a minimal time 1/fmax = Tmin and then he searches what do existed in this minimal time interval? We will do insist in the search what existed in the first seconds of famous theory about a Big Explosion?


OR we will seek what's going on by the electromagnetic waves in the finish of e/m spectrum and how does the energy is fluctuated in decreased frequency and thus are caused the electro­magnetic phenomena, with which created the constant structure of matter (energy h·f)?

A minimum time tmin, in that the Universe began is created onetime or a frequency fmax, in that the energy of empty space is balanced so as standing waves and if it disturbed, then causes the known electromagnetic phenomena, until the energy returns back in balance and thus are created and maintained small sums of energy in stagnant situations?


► Around us, they become exchanges of energy and also interactions with the matter in frequencies above 1020 Hz, in microscopic dimensions and with the speed of the light. Up to now, this reality we didn't calculate it, we simplified it with the concept of the "free" space and we perceived flippant its presence with the electromagnetic phenomena and with the gravity. An invisible reality participates permanently in the material developments with sums of energy, that are exchanged and altered between 1020 - 1042 Hz and this reality they ignored in the science. This reality participates permanently and simultaneously for entire the material world, from the one point up to the utmost other…In the physics, the sums of energy, that are exchanged and altered in the very soon time intervals (t=1/f), they called them "particles".

Do you speak still, about the total creation of the Universe also about the fantasy of Big Bang ?

 At a maximum speed of c, the mass is infinite or exist variations of free space, and if are slower, then are caused electromag­netic waves, while after more slowdown created particles with mass: What is correct and gives solutions in physics?

1st publication on Earth



► The unlimited increase of frequency, would means an infi­nite quantity transfer of energy at the unit of time. If it was infi­nite, then the con­servation of energy would be an accidental phe­nomenon. It would not exist the minimal quantity of time

tmin = λmin / Vmax neither a highest frequency

fmax = Vmaxmin, neither a minimal (h/sec) quantity of ener­gy

h = Emax/fmax


► Lack of the matter or stru­ctural elements would means no transfer of energy, no fluctuation of energy, absolute balance, ab­solutely empty space and finally non-existence of quality and de­velopment.


► The light is not motion of a body. It is the appearance of (wave) motion of the free space itself.


circular function







mini bang!




Interpretation & Math investigation



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G = 6,6725 x10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2



M=E/c2 = h / f λ2



   M = h f μο εο



V = S / t



  p = M V = E / V



aκ = V2 / r



S = 1/2 a t2



g = G M / r2



F = M a



   a = V2 /λ = λ f2



V =√GM / r



Fg = G M1 M2 / r2



G=c2 / Smax



zo=50G /μο



Mmax=Fmax / amin



c2 / λmin = Gmax



   c2 = amax λmin  



   ω = 2 π f = V/ r



  2π = T Vκ / r 



  f =ω / 2π =V/2π r



λmax=amin Tmax2



 λmax = c2 /amin   



  amin = c / Tmax



   amax = c / Tmin



  c = h / M λ  



  M=m c / √c2- V2



L = M V r



0,73725 x10-50



cos 90° = 0



c  G = 0,02



0,44929 x1019  



9,10938 x10-31   




1,67262 x10-27 




Mpl2 =h c / G




F r2 = M1M2 G




G = Fλ2 / Mpl2





DH / 1Mpc = c / VH





parsec~3,086x1016 m








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