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c =2,997924 x108 m/s



h = 6,62606 x 10-34 kg m2 / sec



π = 3,141592...



2π = 6,283185



c2 =8,98755 x1016



μο = 4π x 10-7 H/m



εο=1/36π 109 F/m



μο/εο =zo =μο c



c = 1 / √ μο εο



c2 = 1 / μο εο



Ε = h f = hc / λ



Εo = m c2 = F λ



Fη = k q1 q2 / r2  



c=120π /4π x10-7  






c / h =fmax  



 c = fmax λmin



 c = amax tmin



c = zo / μ



 fmax=Vmax /λmin



Fmax=Emax /λmin



  λmin = c2 /amax



  amax = c2 / λmin



amax=λmin fmax2



Emax=Fmax λmin



 Emax = fmax h



Henry Farad =sec2



e=1,602176 x10-19



√2 = 1,4142135



0,452444 x1042



1,35639 x1050 



1,23559 x1020




2,26873 x1023




h / c λmin = Mmax




Vmax = Mmax V / M




h c  / λ = Mpl G / λ





λe / re 2π = c / Vκ





1rad / s ~ 0,1591 Hz







Relativity of time or energy? - The big traps of experience - the small explosions of indivisible space…

The Universe for all...                         Attention! Translational errors exist




preexists the completed total...

"They are not the external material things which with the movement, with the approaching, the removal, the union and their segregation, these achieve a balanced total (of things) and the maintenance of physical laws. On the contrary, the completed total preexists..."


The theory about a Complete Time and Universe achieves the interpretation of many physical phenomena, reveals unknown their relations and it still accomplishes to show from what other thoughts and formulations we could reach in the same observations…

Now, it is not a privilege of few leading scientists to talk about the Universe and its limits with terms of the Science and with the language of numbers. Everyone can thinks and searches theoretically with the knowledge of a mediocre student of secondary education! Because the Universe has regularly minimal and biggest limits, same limits forever and everywhere, with which are regulated and produced all phenomena… Cosmology will becomes a science accessible in the thought for all people, with which some day, everyone might believes with knowledge in the internal substance of things, that antecedents had been imagined like one and unique God! Because, when the proof and the knowledge cannot exist in the thought of all humans and it is needed the brain of an expert or privileged person and the faculty of a computer, then this is not proof neither knowledge. It is a secret for a few lucky!



• If somebody believes that is need to know exactly a correct answer in order to talk scientifically, rather he doesn't know well what is the knowledge and philosophizes with a doctrine about concept of know­ledge.


• If we do not appreciate the reliability of knowledge or informa­tion from the observation in the things, from its effective implemen­tation, from the proof and com­parison with more information, but from the way of thinking or learning and from the language in that formulate the thoughts, thus we throw back the research.













<•> The structural elements are found dynamic connected with the free space, in its minimal length and simultaneous­ly with the length of biggest distance of free space. Naturally, they co­exist certain fluctuations of energy that become in the highest frequencies (in smallest lengths) with fluctuations, that become in the lowest frequ­encies (in longer lengths).



<•> Each atom of matter has one, the same and common nucleus: the free space. And all actions at a distance between of bodies (intangible forces) are generated with its wavy variation. This is unification!



















The phenomenon of inertia is located and stabilised with origin by invisible wave phenomena to free space, with energy fluctuations and exchanges in frequencies up than the light. The "mass" is connected in a mathematical proportion with a speed of reduction by the maximum speed c of hf fluctuations. This relation is simple:

C/V=Mmax/M (Karamihas's relation).

The smaller sum of reduction is presented initially with the inertia of electromagnetic waves, while if the speed in the flow of energy (to free space) is decreased more, then it has the inertia of particles. The quantity of decreased speed somehow is connected with the gravitational field because this decreased speed

V=MC/Mmax =√(GM/λm)

comes out as centripetal speed from the relation with the constant G of gravitational field, as we see. The constant G in the microscopic changes regulates the proportion that is decreased a maximum and centripetal speed c (in wave motion of free space).

The free space is with a minimal and simultaneously a biggest length limit. The structural elements, which exist as oscillations of its energy, constitute points of meeting for the limits of the Universe. The exceptional rythms of fluctuations with which are maintained the structural elements constitute intermediary values (averaging) in the insuperable (min - max) limits of change in the balanced energy of free space. The structural elements are created with the meeting of insuperable and opposite limits, that is to say. These same are a relative beginning and the ending of a wave activity, that it creates and maintains Universe: such as it complete and simultaneously as it absentee, with the phenomenon of free space. The activity with which the complete Universe is presented in a minimal time interval (such as material elements) is simultaneously an activity, with which the Universe is maintained as absentee for a maximum time interval, that is to say, such as free space.

The structural elements are not static quantities and this is explained: They are fluctuations and exchanges of a constant energy, that has a perturbation in the smallest time intervals. This ascertainment allows to us to conclude, that the quantity of energy that is presented as separate particles in structural elements isn't a constant quantity, or a quantity that permanently is absent or busy from the things. It is not a quantity of energy which is extracted for a long time and perhaps, it is not presented precisely in the same moment with other quantities of energy, with that are created all structural elements in the Universe, so as these are shared in the wide extent of the free space.









<•> The minimal (min) and the upper (max) limits begin from the phenomenon of motion and nothing other phenomenon escape from the regulating role of these limits...  

fmax = Vmax / λmin   |    λmin = Vmax / fmax = Vmax x Tmin    | where λmin h   

Emax = h fmax = h / Tmin = h c / λmin = Mmax c2         

Mmax = h fmax / c2 = h / c λmin = Mmin fmax

Tmax = Vmax / amin        |        Tmin = λmin / Vmax = Vmax / amax  

Vmax = amin Tmax = amax Tmin



Emax / Emin = Tmax / Tmin                 P = h fmin / Tmin =  h fmax / Tmax


The fundamental relations which we use for describe the electromagnetic phenomena:

hc = Eλ = hfλ = Mc2 λ = 19,8644 x10-26 kg m3 /s2

They are equivalent with the relations, which we use for describe changes, motions or forces in gravitational field:

GMpl2 = Fλ2 = Μaλ2 = Μpl cVλ = 19,8644 x10-26 kg m3 /s2


The measurement for the constant relations of electromagnetism free of Cb is following:

k·Cb2 = Ν·m2  same as  c·h = Ν·m2

The combine c·h has the same dimensions as k·Cb2 and their ratio is: 861,02151

c·h / k·Cb2 = 861,02151 = 2π ·137,0344

c·h / 2π ·137,0344 = k · Cb2 = J2/N


► The relations EM/V2 = E2 / V2 c2 = Mpl2 according to, so as they are begin:

Eplanck relations

E/c = Mc

Mpl2 V2 / M = Mpl c V = Μ c2 = E

Mpl c = Epl / c = momentum Mpl

Mpl V = Epl V / c2 = momentum M


► The relation of equivalence between mass and speed that was observed by Evangelos Karamihas. Independently what precisely is the high limit in the mass/inertia that results from the microscopic changes, the following relation between the phenomenon of mass and speed is fundamental:

Vmax / Vm = Mmax / M

This simple mathematic relation of mass with the speed allows the calculation with the simple method of the three. That is to say: The maximum mass Mmax correspond in speed Vmax = c, the mass M in how much speed V? This simple relation litteraly is the beginning for the production of particles in the nature, a mathematic relation - generator for infinite particles, so as it is with its simplest form.

Mmax = M Vmax / Vm → Vmax = Mmax Vm /



► The unlimited increase in frequency, would mean infinite quantity transfer of energy at the unit of time. If it was infinite, then the conservation of energy would be an accidental phenomenon. It would not exist the minimal qua­ntity of time

tmin = λmin / Vmax neither a highest frequency

fmax = Vmax/λmin, neither a minimal (h/sec) quantity of energy

h = Emax/fmax 


► The total quantity of energy is the same quantity for the all things and overall the structural elements takes shape with the same flu­ctuations of energy by one and same dynamic free space. The matter, here near or far us, is connected with something public, with a common reality and in par­ticular thus, that the matter main­tains everywhere the same stru­cture. The common space con­stitutes the core for the all indi­vidual structural elements. 


<•> The presence of matter (structural elements) is the void (gaps, instant lacks of energy) in balanced energy of the complete (with the all possible ways) Uni­verse!




circular function














planet Earthbang! Like the balance and stability would not have a meaning without the motion and change, also the conservation of energy would not have a meaning without the decrease of energy (...) The physical laws, which regulate the existence and the structure of material elements are not messages that come from their outside, from far and insubstantial way. These laws begin from the common " contact " that the all structural elements have with one and the same " empty " space, with one and common completed reality, with the same " communal " quantity of energy, finally from the common (invisible) their substance. The total quantity of energy is the same for the all things and the all structural elements takes shape with the same fluctuations of energy in one and same dynamic space.





Interpretation & Math investigation







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G = 6,6725 x10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2



M=E/c2 = h / f λ2



   M = h f μο εο



V = S / t



  p = M V = E / V



aκ = V2 / r



S = 1/2 a t2



g = G M / r2



F = M a



   a = V2 /λ = λ f2



V =√GM / r



Fg = G M1 M2 / r2



G=c2 / Smax



zo=50G /μο



Mmax=Fmax / amin



c2 / λmin = Gmax



   c2 = amax λmin  



   ω = 2 π f = V/ r



  2π = T Vκ / r 



  f =ω / 2π =V/2π r



λmax=amin Tmax2



 λmax = c2 /amin   



  amin = c / Tmax



   amax = c / Tmin



  c = h / M λ  



  M=m c / √c2- V2



L = M V r



0,73725 x10-50



cos 90° = 0



c  G = 0,02



0,44929 x1019  



9,10938 x10-31   




1,67262 x10-27 




Mpl2 =h c / G




F r2 = M1M2 G




G = Fλ2 / Mpl2





DH / 1Mpc = c / VH





parsec~3,086x1016 m








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