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c =2,997924 x108 m/s



h = 6,62606 x 10-34 kg m2 / sec



π = 3,141592...



2π = 6,283185



c2 =8,98755 x1016



μο = 4π x 10-7 H/m



εο=1/36π 109 F/m



μο/εο =zo =μο c



c = 1 / √ μο εο



c2 = 1 / μο εο



Ε = h f = hc / λ



Εo = m c2 = F λ



Fη = k q1 q2 / r2  



c=120π /4π x10-7  






c / h =fmax  



 c = fmax λmin



 c = amax tmin



c = zo / μ



 fmax=Vmax /λmin



Fmax=Emax /λmin



  λmin = c2 /amax



  amax = c2 / λmin



amax=λmin fmax2



Emax=Fmax λmin



 Emax = fmax h



Henry Farad =sec2



e=1,602176 x10-19



√2 = 1,4142135



0,452444 x1042



1,35639 x1050 



1,23559 x1020




2,26873 x1023




h / c λmin = Mmax




Vmax = Mmax V / M




h c  / λ = Mpl G / λ





λe / re 2π = c / Vκ





1rad / s ~ 0,1591 Hz








Relativity of time or energy? - The big traps of experience - the small explosions of indivisible space





How the natural laws and forces are applied. What they didn't think in Physics and Philosophy... in last centuries?


bang! The all things are considered formations (dynamic morphemes) by most rapid oscillations and fluctuations of energy with a constant quantity, that is found in balance situation.

bang! The matter, here near or far us, is connected with something public, with a common reality and in particular thus, that the matter maintains everywhere its same structure. 

bang! The free space as a dynamic energy participates permanently for the conservation of matter and in the shaping of its structure. The common space constitutes the core for the all individual structural elements.

bang! The (negative) inertia of free space itself is presented with the fluctuations that we name electromagnetic. The motion in the nature becomes also without the visible bodies and the inertia is a wider phenomenon. (Mmax / c = M / V  Karamiha's equation)

bang! In the smaller decelerations we detect the electromagnetic fluctuations of lowest frequencies. In the increased decelerations we detect the higher frequencies of electromagnetic spectrum up to the visible light. In still bigger decelerations we detect smaller lengths of wave such as are the particles.    

bang! The light is not a motion of some particle. It is the oscillation or fluctuation of itself free space (in lesser rhythms than midscale/average).

prism-lightbang! The light (the visible spectrum) is not a motion precisely with maximal speed c. A provocative example: In the violet colour corresponds a speed (c - 3,04 ·10-20 m/s). For each 1Hz corresponds a quantity attenuation (decrement) from maximum speed c order of magnitude 10-34 m/s. 

bang! The total quantity of energy is the same for the all things. All the structural elements takes shape with same fluctuations of energy by one and the same dynamic free space. The free space is not expanded, but trembles (is vibrated) and is oscillated with the highest frequency of nature (f02).

bang! The simultaneous presence of complete Universe to the individual things from its nearest distance acts (periodically and momentarily) upon and appeared as " nuclear force", while from a long distance and externally it appeared as absence of a free space and acts upon as " gravitation ". The moment where the Universe begins to become is not found before the moment where this finishes (and is complete).   

bing bang! The limits in the maximum period and total energy are connected with the minimal limits in the time, in the length and in the quantity of energy that can be transmitted. Thus they predetermine even the attributes of material carriers (particles).  

bing bang! The wave transfer of space energy at centralized way (gravity), contrary toparticles & waves the decentralizing behavior of electromagnetic waves, these are the corresponding phenomena, which the physicists imagined as contraction and dilation (expansion). The energy flow (of free space) that acts centralized such as gravity is the “light” back in the time and reversely!

bing bang! The universal constants c,G,h are fundamental relations that enforced by stable minimum and maximum limits (mainly in time, length, speed, rythm, change of motion, in frequency, force, and quantity of energy with an unit in time). They regulate all the changes of the h·f energy. They are present and connected between them, because the sizes in the fundamental phenomena are change with certain insuperable max and min limits.

bing bang! The minimum length λpl = h/Mpl c is hided back of all relations in that appeared the gravitational constant G = 6,6725·10-11 m3 /kg·s2

bing bang! The quantities of energy, the lengths and rythms with that are shaped the mostly particles of the matter are the average values, nearly in the fluctuation of the sizes that alter with the stable minimum and maximum limits.

bing bang! All electromagnetic phenomena that described with constant k, with phenomena dielectric constant εo (permittivity) and magnetic permeability of the free space, with the fine constant α and with quantities of electric charge Cb, they are the same phenomena that described with the constants h,c,G but with a tint variation in their values. 











With the philosophical logic of Medieval Europe, they say to us that does not exist an absolute time or a common point for report on the measurement of time. Without they understand well, they say to us abstractedly, the time is relative. These their aspects do not prevent to speak about an age of the uni­verse, that is to say about a time interval which is common for all things…The maximum limit for the speed, as is the speed of the light, does not a common limit for a mu­ltitude of different things (where are moved with different speeds co­mpa­ratively each one from other), if not for the Universe entire?




The “Big Explosion” take place permanently and the material Universe permanently is created everywhere in the disturbed free space, from its smallest dimensions, by its microscopic " explosions ". The Universe was always complete and was not created, never. Not only this is not absent, but on the contrary, the cosmos that is absent is useful immediately in order to exist the light, the heat, the radiowaves and the structure of matter (by its start), with which we are presented like some separate (biological) things in to space and time! The free space is the full Universe that they seek before the moment of a Big Bang and it participates in the structure of matter with wave phenomena, that are caused by the perturbation of its balanced energy. The smallest thing, therefore, is met with the gigantic world not only externally...


<•> The sums of energy that they correspond in the separate particles in the structural elements, they are maintained with certain rythms and with fluctuations in energy. They are not stagnant (motionless) quantities of energy, that have been extracted and committed, in the same precisely moment where are presented the all remainder particles in nature. The phenomenon of instant decrease of energy (with the fastest rythms of fluctuation) explains the phenomenon a lot of together structural elements exist in the Universe, after with the same fast rythms the decrease are compensated.










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G = 6,6725 x10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2



M=E/c2 = h / f λ2



   M = h f μο εο



V = S / t



  p = M V = E / V



aκ = V2 / r



S = 1/2 a t2



g = G M / r2



F = M a



   a = V2 /λ = λ f2



V =√GM / r



Fg = G M1 M2 / r2



G=c2 / Smax



zo=50G /μο



Mmax=Fmax / amin



c2 / λmin = Gmax



   c2 = amax λmin  



   ω = 2 π f = V/ r



  2π = T Vκ / r 



  f =ω / 2π =V/2π r



λmax=amin Tmax2



 λmax = c2 /amin   



  amin = c / Tmax



   amax = c / Tmin



  c = h / M λ  



  M=m c / √c2- V2



L = M V r



0,73725 x10-50



cos 90° = 0



c  G = 0,02



0,44929 x1019  



9,10938 x10-31   




1,67262 x10-27 




Mpl2 =h c / G




F r2 = M1M2 G




G = Fλ2 / Mpl2





DH / 1Mpc = c / VH





parsec~3,086x1016 m









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