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c =2,997924 x108 m/s



h = 6,62606 x 10-34 kg m2 / sec



π = 3,141592...



2π = 6,283185



c2 =8,98755 x1016



μο = 4π x 10-7 H/m



εο=1/36π 109 F/m



μο/εο =zo =μο c



c = 1 / √ μο εο



c2 = 1 / μο εο



Ε = h f = hc / λ



Εo = m c2 = F λ



Fη = k q1 q2 / r2  



c=120π /4π x10-7  






c / h =fmax  



 c = fmax λmin



 c = amax tmin



c = zo / μ



 fmax=Vmax /λmin



Fmax=Emax /λmin



  λmin = c2 /amax



  amax = c2 / λmin



amax=λmin fmax2



Emax=Fmax λmin



 Emax = fmax h



Henry Farad =sec2



e=1,602176 x10-19



√2 = 1,4142135



0,452444 x1042



1,35639 x1050 



1,23559 x1020




2,26873 x1023




h / c λmin = Mmax




Vmax = Mmax V / M




h c  / λ = Mpl G / λ





λe / re 2π = c / Vκ





1rad / s ~ 0,1591 Hz







Relativity of time or energy? - The big traps of experience - the small explosions of indivisible space…

The logic transcended the limits of fantasy !




The revelation about the role of matter for the complex things and the instructive observations for the research begins in the moment, where we will think about a Universe complete within interval of a Maximum Period. With theoretical observations and with a sequence of reasoning, we can think more details and observe:

1) The finite space corresponds in the complete universe which is not present (in relative to the material world).

2) The free space is with a limit of longest distance (of removal), same for the all things (= a finite non-Euclidean geometry space).

3) The limit in the increase of the length and in the longest distance (of removal) signals a limit of a minimal curvature. Respectively, the limit of a minimal length signals a limit for the increased curvature.

4) The finite space offers simultaneously two limits: in the removal and the approach.

5) The distance in the free space is also distance in the time (because inevitably, the distance takes a time to travel).

6) The limit in the increase of length, given that a superior speed exists in the motion, is also a limit in the maximum time of an interaction. The limit of minimal length also signals a limit for the minimal time of the interaction.

7) The empty (free) space is connected dynamicaly also with mathematic relations with the structural elements, because the free space identified with a constant quantity of energy, while the structural elements with fluctuations of this constant energy.

8) The relation of finite space with the structure of matter is direct, simultaneous for the total of matter and its behavior is wave. It exists a permanent relation between the visible mass with the invisible wave changes, and at a part these wave phenomena include the known electromagnetic phenomena.

9) The isotropic relation of free space with the material things, after does not exist an absolute beginning and termination in its finite length.

10) The energy of free space is found in balanced situation and when is disturbed, then this balance can comes back in the minimal time. (After of first calculations: minimal inertia Mmin = 0,737248 x10-50 kg·s).

11) A fluctuation of energy is caused when the energy is transmitted (wave and oscillation).

12) The tendency of space to transmit energy in order to it compensates (counterbalance) the points where the energy is decreased.

13) The presence of the matter and particles are considered as moments in the change of energy of the free space, and is owed in conditions where the substitution (compensation) in energy is prevented or becomes belatedly. (The flow impeded and delayed).

14) The structural elements are need also in the case of the completed Universe, after with the matter are achieved the most fast changes and their synchronism and thus (more indirectly) achieved combinations of particles and are created the separate things,

15) however, the structural elements not create of themselves alone the things also the complete Universe

16) and accordingly it should we think, that the structural elements are not au­tonomous things neither indivisible or immutable quantities, and are not approach acci­dentally between them and only after exterior action.

17) They are periodical changes that become with the presence of an other common quantity and without that common quantity, they would not existed, or would were accidental quantities (without chance). The matter, here near or far us, is connected with something public, with a common reality and with such particular way, that the matter maintains everywhere the same structure.

18) They are not a lot of separate forces in each one microscopic atom of matter. A common force is applied (or becomes disruption in a common force) anyplace with configuration of matter.

19) The specifications of each atom of the matter are not accidental and in null base and coincidentally the same specifications everywhere in to Universe and after somebody accidental " copying " of its atomic structure, in enormous distances of the empty space. The separate atoms of the matter are connected and become permanently with a common quantity and with the invisible presence of balanced energy.

20) The timing of microscopic particles and their formation in material things (bodies) up to visible and astronomical world (even for a short time interval) does not achieved accidental and coincidentally. They exist in advance the limits in the change of motion and for each motion, limit in quantities of energy that are exchanged (with an unit of time) and exist some constant relations (laws) for the materialization of invisible total energy (of free space, so as appears in us). The beginning for the microscopic structure of matter and the energy that maintains, it does not emanates externally with transfer of energy in to space, with motions of some bodies.


The free space is found in balance because oscillates with a maximum frequency of the nature and not simply it is something motionless. This is a new view in the cosmological theory about a Complete Universe, that is results with first observations after the mathematical investigation (in 2008) and of the need :

1) To interprets the very fast alterations in microscopic lengths, which do not begin and synchronize with the motions of the big bodies, but with their immediate connection with one common quantity,

2) to interprets the maximum speed of the wavy disturbances of the free space (with the speed of the light), because these waves are not appeared to start at a null speed and as a motion same, such as of visible bodies, and finally

3) in order to correct the meaning of "mass". The creation of structural elements is interpreted as a phenomenon (of combined motions), that it can be described without the term " body or particle ", without units "kg", but by wavy motions and e/m phenomena.

1986 ~ 2010


As we will see, the leading phy­sicists of the decades that passed they did not make the simplest thoughts and did not place the most obvious que­stions, before they place que­stions about the more complex phe­nomena and front they seek solutions in more complicated pro­blems.


The observation for the limits in the physical changes in ge­neral, is one from the many that it escaped from the physics, leaving intact the scientific do­ctrine of non-existence of limits in the nature and down­grading the enormous experi­ence from observations for pe­riodical phe­nomena and de­spite the know­ledge about the univer­sal physical constants.


In order to a constant rela­tion comes out from a pro­cess, the quantities or the sizes should be altered with a limit and from each other made depen­dent, at such way in order that, when a quantity is de­creased, the other is increased also on the contrary. When we meet in the nature a constant relation which belongs in a dynamic pheno­menon or in a process of nature, if we are intel­ligent re­sear­chers, imme­dia­tely it should we think, that this constant rela­tion is results from certain changes that some­how balance from each other.


Already from the 20th century, they have been ex­pressed thoughts and opinions about the decisive role of the free space in the structure of matter. From the research, the clues and paradoxical pheno­mena had multiplied and certain physicists recognized the im­passe of a physical interpre­tation about the structure of matter, if we had begin from se­parate particles. However, their these advanced thoughts, they made them with full weak­ness to interpret the pre­sence of the free space, tran­sferring again the problem about the creation of matter in order to is solved in the unknown future, with boat a hope! They think evaluating the information in the modern re­search, without they interpret, even in general, how itself the free space participates in the shaping for the structure of matter, how are result its attri­butes, how the all different phe­nomena are produced by chan­ges in certain fundamental re­lations like trans­formations with a common quantity of ener­gy. Their contribution for the re­search would be more useful and original, even if they ad­vanced in the solution of the pro­blem, with the formulation of questions, leastwise in the case where it was not possible to advance with the mathe­ma­tical language.






















bang! Like the balance and stability would not have a meaning without the motion and change, also the conservation of energy would not have a meaning without the decrease of energy (...) The physical laws, which regulate the existence and the structure of material elements are not messages that come from their outside, from far and insubstantial way. These laws begin from the common " contact " that the all structural elements have with one and the same " empty " space, with one and common completed reality, with the same " communal " quantity of energy, finally from the common (invisible) their substance. The total quantity of energy is the same for the all things and the all structural elements takes shape with the same fluctuations of energy in one and same dynamic space.


planet Earth

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G = 6,6725 x10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2



M=E/c2 = h / f λ2



   M = h f μο εο



V = S / t



  p = M V = E / V



aκ = V2 / r



S = 1/2 a t2



g = G M / r2



F = M a



   a = V2 /λ = λ f2



V =√GM / r



Fg = G M1 M2 / r2



G=c2 / Smax



zo=50G /μο



Mmax=Fmax / amin



c2 / λmin = Gmax



   c2 = amax λmin  



   ω = 2 π f = V/ r



  2π = T Vκ / r 



  f =ω / 2π =V/2π r



λmax=amin Tmax2



 λmax = c2 /amin   



  amin = c / Tmax



   amax = c / Tmin



  c = h / M λ  



  M=m c / √c2- V2



L = M V r



0,73725 x10-50



cos 90° = 0



c  G = 0,02



0,44929 x1019  



9,10938 x10-31   




1,67262 x10-27 




Mpl2 =h c / G




F r2 = M1M2 G




G = Fλ2 / Mpl2





DH / 1Mpc = c / VH





parsec~3,086x1016 m








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