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"Πολλά τα σήματα ότι αγέννητο και ανώλεθρο είναι το ον
πλήρες και ατάρακτο, για πάντα και ατελεύτητο.
Ουδέποτε ήταν ούτε θα γίνει επειδή είναι τώρα όλο,
ένα,συνεχές... "

                                                              ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΔΗΣ 6ος αι  Π.Κ.Χ.



Why the central idea in the Big Bang theory is the biggest stupi­dity in the history of sciences ?  

1) They accepted an absurdity, which it has been observed and analyzed from the known philosophers, a lot of centuries before and with impressive logic from the ancient Greek philosophers.

2) They left the question in the dark, provocatively and with disregard, what can exists before the creation of the Universe and how much different could be a previous reality. Almost, they prohibited us to we wonder about this question, with a ridiculous argument, that the time did not exist before the creation - the time, a concept so much abstracted.

3) They infringed their own axiom about the " conservation of energy " systema­tically and they opened the gates in the absurdity, implying that an other reality exists, where does not have relation with our reality, such us we have been taught in the physics.

4) Scorn in the philosophy and in the creative thought for thousands thinkers and philosophers. Since the older years, many philosophers formulated all the occasions and opinions that they prove, how all the things are arranged by common laws or they obey in the same beginning or they are connected with something the common always, or they are constituted by the same substance.

5) They insisted and appeared provocatively and maintained longly-lasting an unscientific idea, an absurdity, without respect for the intelligence of unskilled, after with a minimal respect, it would be an enough warning about likely inversion of this idea, in each interview, in their speech, at the briefing or with a simple statement.

6) This absurdity accepted a very big number of scientists in the world community, in between them the most famous scientists and those, that they were suitable and charged in order to does not take place and strengthened a such error.

7) They had what it takes, the better tools, the most evolved techno­logical accout­rements, facilitations and abundant time, those which were also professionals, in certain cases with the financing of enormous pecuniary sums, while the ancient philosophers had only one millionth of their know­ledge.

8) They had all advantages in order to do not make such childish errors and fall in fallacy, as the education, fame, ambition, briefing, collaboration and serious clues of fault, which they downgraded.

irrational supposition

9) In the usual books of physics, were written the observations and information that reveal the correct direction of researches, so that are avoided the theoretical impasses and in order to had find the solutions that they sought. However, they had not the education and mentality that is needed in order to they can rethink logically and carefully. For umpteenth time, was absent the candor, shone the arrogance and was lost precious time. I ask you : Was it more logical, reliable and intelligent for an astro­physicist, to reverses the highest frequency fmax in the Universe (the end of electro­magnetic spectrum), he makes a minimal time 1/fmax = Tmin and then searches what existed in the first few moments? This immature thought they made without have conscience! 



Almost entire the scientific community have accepted as fact the creation of the Universe in the most distant past. All the writers and journalists repeat as parrots for a lot of decades one from the bigger stupidities in the science, with the "insurance cover" from the leading physicists and astronomers. See now, how they will downgrade and justify this historical absurdity! The stupidity becomes furthermore incredible, because the correction and revelation of the error, did not achieve from the professionals of scientific community and from a researcher astronomer. The completed (without impasses) answer in the modern astrophysical questions and the correction in the Big Bang theory, it will hears forever in the title " Theory about a Completed Time and Relativity of Energy" or in the alternative title " Theory about a Complete and Simultaneous Universe".




CERN : European Organism of Nuclear Researches. The bigger inquiring centre in the world, for research of Big Objectives (Big Science), that needs the contribution of many countries. Effort and research of all humanity. Attendance from 26 and more countries. More from 6500 scientists, 500 universities and thousands workers. There, we find the bigger -this moment- accelerator of elementary particles (LHC) in an undergrounds circular tunnel of 27 km length. The cost of its manufacture more than 6 billions Euros. Some of the experiments that are prepare or execute in there, they are to be completed after a lot of years. (2008)


CERN and NASA, two names that cause awe, that assembles all know-how of planet, up to the last scientific discovery and in that, they contribute many top-flight scientists and researchers of all specialties. We leave outside… the inquiring centers and the Universities of all developed countries of earth.









Theory about a Completed Time and Relativity of Energy or Theory about a Complete also Common Time Universe: Each educated person, from his school years still, if he was studious pupil, has read that the observation and the research of exclusively individual things leaves in the dark, the role of entirety and the total for the existence, connection and the regulation between its parts and their relations. Each educated person has read and understood, that from the analysis of a dynamic total in its components or in simpler parts, they are lost certain relations, that needs and exists only when the parts constitute a total (for example, a human body). He has understood, that the total and the form are not always a sum of parts, but something more, particularly when the connection between parts becomes dynamically and no statically.

Also, each educated person has heard and each scientist knows, that in a lot of separate observations about the individual things and in a multitude of phenomena, we find what they have common or what is repeated in per time with the same conditions (as a law). From the enormous volume of data in our observation, from the multitude of experiments and with the long-lasting verification, we reach in to a short view-estimation, that is reported in a multitude of cases. In the school, such concise and fundamental opinions in order to is in effect a multitude of particular cases, they are marked as SOS. When somebody reaches from straight line in the central idea -in that many observations of separate phenomena lead, when these are generalized-, this theorist researcher has an advantage. This theorist researcher be able to explains the impasses and errors of the other researchers and goes a step more beyond, until those to awaken. If we lead in such abbreviations and general ascertainments, if a big number of pages with a lot of analyses can be summarizen and said with a minimal number of words, if the particular phenomena and things are need the fundamental laws (that they regulate the total of things), then: WHAT DID BETAKE THE SCIENTISTS TO BELIEVE, THAT THE THEORETICAL INVESTIGATION IS MORE DIFFICULT THAN THE EXPERIMENTS IN CERN? WHAT DID DISCOURAGE THE SCIENTISTS TO BELIEVE THAT WE COULD NOT FIND THE GENERAL THOUGHTS FROM A THEORETICAL RESEARCH (IN STRAIGHT WAY) AND WE COULD NOT APPROACH IN SEGMENTAL AND PARTICULAR DISCOVERIES, THAT THE GENERAL IDEAS SUMMARIZE THEM? WHAT DID OBLIGATE THE SCIENTISTS TO BELIEVE SO MUCH DISCOURAGINGLY, THAT THROUGH SOME GENERAL THOUGHTS (EMPTY THOUGHTS LIKE THE FREE SPACE), IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE WE CAN FIND THE IMPORTANT CONCLUSIONS AND DISCOVER RELATIONS, WHICH WE OBSERVE THEM WITH MORE DIFFICULTY OR ACCIDENTALLY AT THE RESEARCH OF INDIVIDUAL THINGS? WHAT DID INDUCE THE SCIENTISTS TO DOWNGRADE AND BE UNINTE­RESTED FOR THE POSSIBILITY OF THE HUMAN TO DO PHILOSOPHICAL THOUGHTS? THEY BELIEVED THUSLY WITH A KNOWLEDGE AND LOGIC OR FROM SOME EXPECTATIONS, THAT THE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, EXPERIMENTS AND PROFES­SIONAL RE-ESTABLISHMENT THEY DID GIVE IN THEM?

The achievement of theory about a Completed Time and Universe will causes a lot of question marks about the human intelligence and about the role of knowledge in the faculties of the human. It doesn't only give the solutions in many important philosophical and scientific questions, moreover gives the answers with the simpler thoughts and best-aimed observations, in which are reduced many peculiar terms of the sciences. The intellectual arrest, the analysis of initial ideas and a multitude of consequences in the science they could become more soon from one only person, without costly experiments. They could be avoided big fooleries, such as the central idea of Big Bang theory and decreased the excessive expectations from the study of minimal particles. If the theoretical thought in the cosmological questions could advances so fast and meets a multitude of scientific observations, then everyman can perceives a dangerous enormous void, in where each scientific research is perform acrobatics, when it comes with delay, with a lot of expenses and with a feeling of satisfaction to announces the same discovery, that a madman or intruder had observes it. As it happens in the personal life - when are reversed our opinions with that regulated our life- it is not acceptable easily and comprehensible to spoil the fable of scientific impartiality, are ridiculed the models and symbols of reliability, and an accidental intruder brings the professionals in disadvantageous position (backseat) and more seldom, this unexpected person constitutes a threat for certain big interests. This film with the reactions, the contempt and closeness in thought of scientific world toward certain trailblazer… it has been appeared again and needs a scientific investigation. Not simply, they are not capable to discover or correct an error and to supplement the void of their knowledge, no simply their thought freezes when they have not all information of recipe with which they learned to resolve the scientific problems, but neither they can recognize the approaching in the solution that gives a fiddling pioneer. Unfortunately, in order to eradicate the biases of scientific community it needs to pass many years.


Anecdote that I thought for the electronic pages in the Internet.

Says the professor doctor in grandfather 80 years age :

- From independent researches about the repercussions of smoke in the health was proved, that the smoke at length time increases by far the probabilities to onset of cancer illness and it harms more generally the health.

- Grandfather: What a pity, the researches did not become when I was a young man! I did not await that the smoking will harm the health!

- Professor: Yes, rightly you did not wait it, after nor the science did not know it! Now, we know precisely what are the damaging substances of smoke and that they affect in the human organism. Now, opens the street in order to we create a new type of smoke with therapeutic attributes. Those that will be profited in the future will be more, from those that harmed their health from ignorance…




> The joke from the failed research in the last 80 years about the creation of the Universe, that the Universe no simply was not created and this is self existed, but on the contrary, the Universe was the same as ever (unchanging as a full total). That is to say, fully opposite view! Why they can't answer, what happened in the minimal time about 10-42 sec? Very simply, because the Universe in this minimal time was already as it is now, while relatively for us, its creation does not stop, never. There is not an absolute moment t = 0 sec


Up to now, everyone could easily argues that will be not conquered the answers about the creation and destination of world, never. Whoever illiterate or educated person could claims with apt and reasonable thoughts, that the questions about the existence of God, about the beginning and destination of world and about the beginning of life, they will not be answered never or that they were from the most difficult in the human history. Now, hear a question, which no one reasonable person did not dare he places it or thinks the consequences. Only in the mad imagination and in the game with words of few philosophers can pass a similar thought. Did you think, what theoretical consequences would result about many of philoso­phical, religious, scientific and moral questions, if it was proved (mathema­tically), how the Universe Is Completed and Simultaneous, at the duration in where the Universe is incomplete (it for us) with enormous void space and infinite possibilities? The question has been formulated rightly, because the answer is known well. If the answer was not acquaintance, the question would be as we would expect it. Then we would make the known thoughts of ancient Greek philosophers and we would place the question erroneously, as follows: What theoretical conse­quences would result… if the total of things (the Universe) exists simultaneously and nothing did change?

The proof and the physical interpretation, how the things change, while the Universe Is complete and simultaneous (it was not possible is given of Ancient Greek Philosophers) and what consequences they result from this tremendous ascertainment, they constitute the content of many pages in the site The Universe was completed always and was not created, never. Not only this is not absent, but on the contrary, the world that is absent is useful immediately in order to exist the light, the heat, radio-waves and structure of matter, the matter through which we exist in to space and time such as separate things! The empty (free) space is the Universe that they seek before the moment of Big Bang! It exists a phenomenon that is connected permanently with the presence of each material thing and because of our experience, we had not thought it as energetic and real. The physical interpretation about the presence of the free space in the theory about a Complete and common Time Universe, brings upside-down the Science, the philosophy and the thought of human about the world, for ever.


1st publication on Earth



* The effort for a unified and a total answer in the questions that concern the creation and destination of world and the unified answer in a multitude of other scientific questions has begun from the philosophers a lot of centuries ago and with powerful arguments. The possibility of a unified answer on these questions and the opinion about the existence of a common substance behind the multitude of different things and forces are not original concepts and inspirations from modern physicists, neither require more reliable scientific observations.


► These observations strengthen the theory, that the structure of matter is created permanently by wave phenomena that are caused with the biggest fluctuation in the constant energy of the free space.






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