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ancient gr flagIn January 2000, after many years (12) handwritten editing of formulations - without the facilities that a computer offers and without informing from the Internet- was publi­shed the philosophical book under the title: "The Theo­logy of the Science" and subtitle "theory about a finished time and the relativity of energy". The writing with a personal computer, with big possibilities for confi­gu­ration and appearance (since 2000), they gave an occa­sion for the presentation of this voluminous book, more fetching, for overviews and reword, for text extracts (at Internet address geocities.com/­filosofiagr and 1st time in summer of 2004, with the free service of "Yahoo!"). The electronic editing of texts with aim to be studied in the Internet helped the writer for the expounding of the theory and in the clarification of the wordings.

In 2007 an amateur effort started for reshuffle and testing in the web design and for appearance of the html pages and concurrently a persistent attempt to clarify certain concepts.

In 2006, the domain name "kosmologia.gr" is vested, while the publication of web-pages in the new internet address started in June 2009.

In 2008 an investigation starts and insistent effort to detected some mathematical relations and concepts of the cosmo­logical theory (about a complete and stable Universe within a maximum period), that they could to be expressed with the known types from the physics. The first proportional relations and observations for its mathematic formu­lation were found une­xpectedly quickly.

In the years that followed, the effort to improve the image and the compatibility of the web-pages continued daily and entertainingly. At the same time, it was inte­nsive and daily the effort in order to the philoso­phical theories reworded, clarified and expounded overall. Specially the cosmo­logical theory. Many new important thoughts for­mulated, the original cosmological interpretation enha­nced with concepts and types of physics and exten­ded in many more pages. This physical interpre­tation it needed to separated in three books, under the title "The Complete Universe and the Dynamic Free Space". (2009-12)

All philosophical thoughts also had to be divided into separate books.* In 2012, another attempt was made to gather all issues about the human life and behavior on the basis of an old remark: It appears a contrast between a spi­ritually oriented life and a life mobilized by the senses and biological needs. Many new and dispersed thoughts have been added and these were extended to policy issues. Issues of human behavior, human thought, human relationships and society have been unified with one final series and in a large number of pages.



All of these issues and dispersed thoughts were com­plemented and unified under the concise title of the Ethics (Practical Philosophy, with Psychological and Socio­logical Conse­quences) and the writing of the book was completed in 2014. It became clear that the ethical issues have close linking with issues of human thinking and knowledge and how all these are related to spiritual weaknesses and physical constraints. This close relationship among the life, info­rmation, intellect, natural environment and behavior is world­wide and the ethics is global science, as is other sciences "Cosmo­logical Ethics". This is a contemporary ethics with psycho­logical and sociological conclusions and with physical laws that are reduce and restrict the human life, biolo­gically, mentally and psychologi­cally. So, the content of many web­pages and the site's destination were reassessed. 


His author's work is protected with the laws about intellectual property. For the copy and republication of a part or total of the content (from site and books) the author demands for the indication of source and his name and does not become commercial use (only with this explicit term).

For intellectual rights more widely:

In bulky content of this digital publication, maybe are included some files of small pictures, a short extract of a music track, a few lines javascript code or a text, for which it should is taken the authorization. In such case, inform me and if is required, the particular intellectual content will be removed immediately. The author appraised that it was not de­serve to investigates tediously and thoroughly this case if a short extract of audiovisual content has be used or included in his great, daily, long-term and non-profit attempt to presents and facilitates understanding of his important theories.


It will be useful for the author to receives the comments and your opinions and to answers in your queries. It is likely however, his answer is delayed be­cause his time is limited and asks your compre­hension. Surely, the queries, the contestations and your obser­vations will give him an occasion in order to clarify, cor­rect and develops more his opinions.

You can contact and dispatch your opinions via the electronic post from the following e-mail: e-mail 


I thank you and wish you find satisfactory answers and if no these, then my own work to constitute a source of inspiration and encouragement for your own efforts!


Konstantinos G. Nikoloudakis





Central ideas of kosmologia.gr in general terms



primary source

• Essential knowledge in order to we think creatively and inquiringly. A lot of peculiar and important thoughts are revealed in each philosophical effort. Specially, some constitutive thoughts and observations that anybody may to appraise them, without necessary is a professor or researcher into a laboratory and through undoubted universal concepts and with common vocabulary.

• A unified theory and interpretation about the origin, the laws and the destination of the world with high objectives. Moreover, the research interest encouraged, for students and modern philosophers, yet. Many ideas are offered for argumentation and mainly, original answers and solutions about the important questions, that eminent physicists search them.

A unified answer which connects different questions between them with consequence (such as is the ethics, about the knowledge and thought, about the notion of "reality", about the relation between universe and biological phenomena).

Investigation and objective for the description of physical phenomena with the simpler concepts (school level). The possible relations between life, god and material nature are searched, with logic and in connection with the physical laws.

• The answers and the views under the illumination of last cosmological interpretation give us the occasion to think certain questions again, that they seem bridgeless in the science and physics, until now. We follow slackly the oldest philosophical thoughts and theories and we see, where was the difficulties of the research and what problems are solved now, which the earlier philosophers and researchers could not to resolve them. Also, we refer to omissions, in errors and inconsistencies in some other views and criticize in efforts by science and philosophy, always with the advantage that the answers to big questions of cosmology offer to us.

• It founded and supported the diachronic role of Ethics (on timeless principles that govern all things and without them, there would be neither the physical laws of inanimate matter). The Ethics updated and supported in conjugation with the operation of thought and so much significant for the personal life, also for the human memberships and collaborations, until for economy in a country. It is revealed the role of the logical thought and knowledge for the manipulation, the deceit and creation of foolish or relative values.


<•> If should to synopsized a common aim for all branched issues in site kosmologia.gr and for the total intellectual attempt of the author, then this aim is founds in following moral lesson:

The materialistic way of life based on many imaginings, on fable, fictions, mistakes and lies, not on self-knowledge and this coincides with egocentric way of life and attitude. For this reason, it conflicts with reality as a total and the life go down in dead end, with many disappointments and unnecessary problems. The egoism, the avidity, the silliness and the paranoid intellect are some other views of the materialistic way of life and perception. This moral lesson can be synopsized as a slogan: >>>

Ethics without knowledge...and knowledge without ethics




Particularly the following views are supported and formulated :



• A brilliant prospect for interpretation and knowledge about the physical laws with the human logic and easy observations.

• Possibility for revealing unknown relations in the things through the analysis of certain concepts and with the observations at common elements in nearest our experience.


• The decisive role of the thought for the human behavior and psychology (straightly). In moment, where the behavior of an animal stops is regulated and determined exclusively by the information of its sensory organs, inevitably the intellect makes thoughts that twist the perception for surrounding reality, so as it presented through the senses (incogitant).

Almost all activities of the human and his psychological diathesis are created and influenced permanently by the information in his memory and his thoughts on this information. And not only this, but until the point to behaves and acts more influenced from his psychological interior than perceives really outside at the things. What is the soul without the thought, see the animals. The "thought" without soul, see what it is to the computers.


• The operation of senses is the intellectuality limited in exterior actions and not something the opposite. The perception should begin with some (biological) abstraction, that becomes alone (automatically and carelessly), because if no, then we would perceptible all the parts of the reality (in whole). If the abstractive possibility is named "intellect" or is a mental activity, then the same it should we say also for the possibility of perception via the senses.


• Internal values are defined in the life that summarized with words such as the impartiality, self-knowledge, withholding, search and freedom of thought.

• The connection of kindness and moral intention with the correct thought, with the knowledge and conscience of ignorance and with the reaction in the unfairness. For the thought without action, we have heard that it is useless. For the action without thought and without sure knowledge, look at the life and ask the God !

• The role of moral orientation (in the life) until for the economy of a country and for the economic growth.

• The anthropocentric and egocentric logic are explained, downgraded, rejected and slough off. What does is the meaning of the knowledge and logic, after these used as means for the pleasant delusion and then how are we can fair, unbiased and happy humans ?

• The knowledge and logic do not ensure human infallibility, while on the contrary, the knowledge can make us to say more than we know really. With the knowledge generated half truths and tricky thoughts, even we forget what we had learned !


• Certain of the directional concepts for the way of life and about the (intellectual) values of life, are pre-decisive for the performance, the success and accountability of a person in everywhere and in all his activities. The directional concepts and the internal values about meaning of the life are downgraded and they are faced as metaphysical questions, because they do not encourage the planning, the wishes and the objectives of the ambitious humans and who (materialists) are absorbed from their senses...


• The application of policy in extracted of moral values and models and without a moral providence for its purposes will serves discriminatorily the interests of some teams, will produces and maintains the unfairness and the laws will serve for deception.


• Inversion of the irrational explanation about creation of the Universe of Big Bang theory. The Universe remains the itself forever, while relatively changes with the ways that are achieved the balance and the total stability. (Law of conservation of energy and power).

A lot of philosophers and scientists begin with a minimal reality that constitutes the matter, they remove all things that constitute the Universe and then attempt to make a Universe (theoretically) by an initial matter, that is to say by almost nothing of a quantity of particles, that would exist more accidental than the molecules of the dust. While on the contrary, it would be supposed they begin by the complete total, with a common preexisting, with a complete or full Universe in a total Time, in order to they explain how are caused the changes and the material things such as separate parts in the time, by the relative zero (with free space). The Universe was complete and stabilized always, inside certain limits of a maximal time interval and never created. Not only isn't this absents, but on the contrary, the world that is absent is useful immediately in order to exist the light, the heat, the radio-waves and the structure of the matter, with which we presented as separate living things (in the space and time)! The "empty" free space is the full Universe, that the modern researchers seek before a fantastic moment of Big Bang and it participates in the structure of matter with the wave phenomena, that are caused by the perturbation of its balanced energy (and in most microscopic dimensions)!


• Did they wonder in the modern cosmology, how complete can be a physical explanation about the Universe, such as they dream it, when doesn't offer a minimal knowledge in order to is explained the presence of the life in to Universe? The cosmological theories that have been formulated with mathematics and are considered prevailing do not open a street to this direction of nature. This theoretical impasse, the physicists should have understand better and do not leave the problem unsolvable or to answer in theology. The life and soul begin with the microscopic dimensions and not by combination of some coarse material bodies. It is not accidental by no means !

With simple philosophical thoughts, the Universe is self-existent, because is presented, immutable and “compact” in the limits of a biggest total time - and for this reason is “immediately” real (in null time). In other words, the full Universe exists simultaneously and the directness coincides with the inwardness. The growth of this ostensibly, absurd and contradictory idea leads to incredibly reasonable consequences and OPENS a STREET FOR THE NATURAL EXPLANATION about PHENOMENON of the LIFE. The beginning of the life and timing in the interaction of many particles are achieved with the fastest ways of interaction and these ways presuppose a simultaneous presence of the 100% complete Universe, that in us appears as absence of an empty space...


• In the theory for a Complete Universe and time, it is not the matter that develops and presented the life, until a final aim or a supreme conquest achieved. On the contrary, the aim of world is realized, the God exists forever as something finished and only with internal presence (without external relations). While relatively in to the time the God is presented like incomplete and limited. We are the God in light version and in particular space-time conditions and reversely, God is the perfected and common our self ! 


• A bigger inversions and more important concepts that are formulated in the books, it is the appearance of life and soul like a phenomenon by abstraction of the Universe and as an intellectual process with maintenance some constants and common traits of the material things, by first abstract data from the senses. The direct relation of each being (or each biological body) with its existence preexists in the complete, direct, stable and simultaneous Universe. This direct relation is presented relatively indirectly (and externally) by the simple matter, that is founded with the energy of dynamic space, under the microscopic conditions that the science searches.


• Soon in the future, the religion to constitutes a local tradition for festive events and like a lighthouse for the orientation in the intellectual values, without the role that belongs in other sciences, such as are the Ethics, the Psychology, the social sciences, the Cosmology. Prefer moderate, restrained and reasonable characterization " godly but irreligious ", for our faith in the God, with our opinions to rested on the logically and philosophical arguments and in the scientific knowledge, without the deviations of thought and behavior, that are caused by all the twisted and erroneous opinions.





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© Konstantinos G. Nikoloudakis, ©2010 ISBN 978-960-93-2431-1, ©2012 ISBN 978-960-93-4040-3

What they didn't think in Physics and Philosophy... with common words




The intellect has not more important possibility than of knowing, of maintaining as end in itself and for shaping its self-knowledge. The self-knowledge is the meaning of happiness, the essence of the logic and the aim of ethics. The egocentricity and the delusion in themselves (alone them), without any action, are the biggest destruction and are related immediately with the surrender in the fortune. Life without mental activity is non-existent and without configuration of self-knowledge was, it is also it will be always and everywhere in the Universe an insufficient life, unsatisfied, seduced, a life with false values and fools purposes, despite every other possibility, that we will imagine.




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The texts and designing in web-pages continue to modified and revised.


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