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Two basic terms on the reasonable thought, for the Science and in the Philosophy: Immediacy (direct relation) - Indirectly (indirect relation, with a mediation)



It has been heard many times over, that a butterfly that flies in a hemisphere of Earth can causes storm in other utmost. This could be one than the inexperienced examples that we can say, in order to we express the general law: Each detail (in the volume, in the time, in the movement etc.) in combination with other actions and after some time interval, it can causes big changes, new develop­ments and a considerably fact. By a detail we were given birth and by a detail we die, as I often say. The detail can be the flying of a butterfly, can be a sting of insect, your fart, the moment of a walk, however in a lot of cases under a decisive term: The detail can causes some incredible consequences but after from the mediation of many intermediary things or after a long time interval and with the contribution of certain other effects. That is to say, not immediately but indirectly, not always fast and from straight line (not directly), but late and in combination with other things (with indirect way).


The mediation of things and phenomena, the transfer of action through a lot of things and the time that passes up to the appearance of a result, constitutes a char­acteristic trait of the reality, which we can express with the significance " indirect­ly ". Easily, now we can to think the opposite characteristic, after the one would not had meaning and existence without the other. The mediation of a mini­mal number of things, the transfer of action without mediation, the appear­ance of a re­sult in a minimal time (or even simultaneously with the action) or the result with­out mediation, constitutes a characteristic (feature) of the reality, which we can express with the significance " immediacy ". Consequently, now we can say logi­cally:

The flying of a butterfly can causes a storm in the other hemisphere of Earth, indirectly and after the mediation of other developments and things and with the contribution of certain effects. The indirect contribution, the most indirect action, the mediation of a large number of intermediary things and phenomena and long time interval, they render each what a detail concerning the eventual and distant re­sults. Consequently, we can say: Yes, the detail is important and decisive, no how­ever we do not see and to downgrade the most obvious and direct effects, which they can prevent or reverse the result, that is prepared by certain other ac­tions.


The simple term " immediately or immediacy or directness " and the term " in­directly " both they are essential and important for the reasonable thought and for the description of the things, as much as they are the significances of " quality " and " quantity ". These terms have an enormous importance for the Science and particu­larly for the cosmology and this became perceptible from the writer, in the start of his philosophical effort to formulates his physical interpretation about the cre­ation of the nature. From a historical retrospection in the Philosophy, we will find that these terms acquired notable importance for the general description of world and a central role for the formulation of a philosophical theory in the ab­struse thought of philosopher, G. Hegel. The significances of " directness or im­mediacy " and " indirectly " they was unavoidable and were considered essential for the general description of the cosmos, for the author and writer of the cosmo­logical theory, that after some years he named it " Theory of a Finished Time and the Relativity of Energy ". How much essential are these two terms " indirectly " and " directness " for the general description for the Universe and how much im­portant they are for the Science and not only for the Philosophy, it will become perceptible from all readers, with the brief thoughts that follow. Some thoughts with which unfolded for a long time and it was formulated the cosmological theo­ry of the Completed Universe and these led to theoretical observations, where shed light in the physics and astrophysics.


As I have said, in the start of the philosophical effort, I perceived the fecund prospect that gave in my philosophical investigation, the abstract significances " the part " and " the total ". I had begun to write about the things with the signifi­cances " part " and " total " and theoretically I observed the connection that should have all parts from each other, quickly it came the moment to observe, the need, the things to do not cause all the consequences from their effect on the other things, simultaneously. Fast, became the thought, that the physical parts in order to they are distin­guished and in order to they are separated between them, it should be not exist in same moment. Furthermore it should be not precisely the same each one with other nor with the same ways of connection, as if were copies. Theo­retically, all parts should be connected from each other, to they act and influ­enced each other, in order to they constitute parts of one total. However, our expe­rience shows that this their interdependence is not same decisive for the existence of all remaining things. We observe things where they remain unaffected from the distant action of some other things and they which can exist, without many other things. All results do not caused in same moment. Quickly therefore, became the thought, that the effect of a part (of the reality) in an other part, it was not simulta­neously an effect for all remaining parts. For certain things the effect is fast, direct and nearest in the space or time, while for other things, the effect is very distant up to impossible. Therefore it was needed, an import of these signifi­cances with which I would make a segregation in the significance between of "re­lation" and "interaction". It needed to seem, that exist or become interactions between the parts that are permanent, or that become continuously or in near distance, but also interactions that do not become in the same moment. That on the con­trary, some interactions are become after from a longer time interval or after the per-transfer of en­ergy in a longer distance and with the contribution of certain other things. Then I thought the significances of the words " immediately or immediacy or di­rectness " and the opposite " indirectly or mediation ".


" The relation has a significance that is wider than that of interaction and it is possible we do not observe an interaction between a thing and some other (with which coexists or not), but this observation does not mean that these things have not any relation ". 


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Because I had consider the total of the things as a stabilized form and always this same in the limits of a longest time interval, then came the moment, where I thought for a limit in the most indirect way of interaction, an insuperable limit in the time interval of a interaction, also a limit in the longest distance, a limit in the number of parts and things (very bold the thought !) and a limit in the number of things that can mediate… A first and most important theoretical conclusion, that results with the simple thoughts and with these abstract concepts, with the terms " indirect relation " and " direct relation " follows in a few more lines. If therefore, the total of things is always this same, inside the limits of a longest time interval or if the things aren't infinite in the number (as I considered through philosophical thoughts), then theoretically a limit in the " indirect relation " is imposed. Comes out the conclusion, that in the nature do not mediate infinite number of things and infinite time up to the last result. Imagine what results from this theo­retical thought and perhaps very unsophisticated in order to think who having been edu­cated in high level. Without it is obvious in the beginning, it is concluded that they exist results which are the most indirect, they have materialized in advance and permanently present. If the total of the things (the full Universe) is always the same, inside limits of a maximum time interval, then the results from the most in­direct effect of the things are exist always, and each thing have been influenced by the all other parts with the most indirect way, which is the same for all parts of the na­ture. Only one can be the most indirect way of a effect.


"What are these more indirect results, which are always realized and constitut­ing the minimal influence in each thing?" I wondered in order to cause the imagi­nation. It followed somehow hastily an answer: "As it will be proved, these com­mon elements (from the most indirect effect of the total of things) are the common ways of interaction, which are named matter", that is to say, the struc­tural ele­ments of the things. (p129) With this theoretical approach and ascertain­ment, the philosophy was connected with the physics and the Science forever! It would be a philosophical, coincidental and unfounded thought, if in the course and growth of philosophical thoughts did not result a lot of theoretical observations and thoughts and if they did not coincide with phenomena and ob­servations from the scientific area. While moreover, a lot of relations and phenomena explained and avoided the impasses of the physics.


The two terms " indirectly " and " immediately " they are necessary and impor­tant for the description of the nature and are not a game of words, nor an acci­dental theoretical observation. The existence of more indirect relations in the things (distance in the time and length) implies that exist terms or laws on the way that are connected the things, after they cannot exist all things (be­tween them) with same immediate way, with any priority and synchronously. The vague meaning of these two words ensures that exists a priority and a time mediation in each effect and in the connection of things and gives a meaning in the separate existence of each material thing. The timing of the action becomes under certain conditions and not accidentally or with any ways and, finally, thus it is interpreted why the laws of physical Sciences are inflexible and why a lot of fantastic phenomena do not happen, while all we would wish to happen with our own easy way. The indirect relation in the nature is distinguished than the directness with enormous divergence (in the length, in the time, in the number of things and in certain sizes) and it has a limit. The next significance " key-meaning " for the interpretation of nature as a total, it is produced by the first significances (indirect-direct relation) and synoptically this is called " matter or structural particles ".



I apologize! The translation will be continued and corrected


"The Theology of the Science". In that book, which was published in limited number of copies (in year 2000, publications Dodoni, ISBN 960-385-019-5, num­ber of pages 448), has become a great and long effort to be answered globally and briefly, the big questions of Philosophy, avoiding I am based on ready opinions or on previous theories and with the use of daily vocabulary. A multitude of acciden­tal and fragmentary ascertainments in our experience and a lot of separate expla­nations can result more fast, more easily and not accidentally. They can through the theoretical analysis of significances, with the correlation of few general concepts and with our possibility we know all things through some observation of rela­tions and resemblances in the nearest and the most usual things of our experience. This view, I had aim to prove in this philosophical book "The theology of the Science" and eventually was written a book tiring and poorly understood. The how it was written (the personal experience) it will is an other more interesting book…


" The things that existing now have been affected indirectly by the other, which were in before and of things that will exist in after (of them). This has been done in advance, independently what time begin to exist, with the most indirect way, which is common for every thing and with which is formed its quality” (page 161)

" The material elements are the ways in which the Universal Quality begins on indirectly to be­comes in minimum of time. In another view, these are results from the more indirect influence among things ... The primary simple elements are minimum time intervals of the wider reality, a relative begin­ning of time and they serve as a medium, which is not located outside of a composition or out from an earlier reality” (page 141)

" The reality in the whole of Time is finished (prior to the relative moment in which there are its parts as external” (page 157)

" That the so-called matter can not be divided endlessly and without ceas­ing to be the same quality, this explained because it is not a substance, but a way of existence of a common substance. Otherwise, if was a substance could not be divided or should be divided endlessly, without being con­ver­ted ...” (page 159)

" The moment in which is finished the Universal Quality, it is not divided into innumerable and there is a minimum time, in which always this is done and as indirect into wider moments”. (page 272)

" The universal time is not composed of endless and innumerable smaller moments, otherwise the universe would not be always the same within the lim­its of a (more wide) moment”. (page 153)

" If the reality had not been made in advance or in earlier times, before the moment in that it is becoming unto us still, then there would be no space” (pages 169-170 and 273) Complete and correct: "... there would be not fi­nite, isotropic and stable free space".

" The effect of space on the quality of things happening in time shortest than minimum, ie directly and simultaneously to all structural carriers (of matter)” (page 171)

" each beginning into the free space becomes relatively retro­spectively with the carriers of indirect interaction and the beginning of the existence of these carriers is outside space, that is, it is direct and happens in distance less than the minimum, by the universe of other sub-moments, it which rela­tively does not exists” (page 172)

" The carriers of indirect interaction and for configuration of things, the so-called "matter" they are things with fewer ways interaction in the same time. These are a relative lack of quality and reality into the total of reality and they can not interact with many different things at the same time (or in many ways at the same time)” (pages 203-204)

(©2000, ISBN 960-385-019-5 ) 









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