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Relativity of time and energy - The big traps of experience - The tiny explosions of indivisible free space...



atom"Big Bang" in Cosmology: The cosmos present as a complete total (and constant energy quantity) that seems like a free space.

>>> The fundamental thoughts and relations for the interpretation of nature[*] (with all individual things). The universal physical constants and the mathematic limits in the physical changes. How a multitude wave phenomena, by the oscillation of the free space with the fastest rhythms of nature* (and with their deceleration), produce periodic motions and forces and create the building blocks of the world (the matter).

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planet EarthThe 1st publication on Earth


The knowledge about the structure of matter has overestimated, while the role of the whole for the presence of matter has underestimated. The research in microscopic dimensions is a research for the limits of the Universe, because the microscopic motions becoming in total energy, and this energy is appeared such as a free space of large dimensions. That is to say, the cosmos is required as a full and stable whole for the matter (and particulate mass) and thus the matter is created, composed and maintained by wave phenomena on a communal quantity. Wave and rhythmic phenomena like wildfire with fast speeds approaching the speed of light, with the fastest rhythms of nature and (coincidentally) in the most microscopic lengths. Thus, a lot of these wave phenomena are appeared via laboratorial sensors or generate results, that are called "particles" and their attributes. Each atom of matter has one, the same and common nucleus: the free space. And all actions at a distance between of bodies (intangible forces) are generated with its wavy variation.







προϋπάρχει το ολοκληρωμένο σύνολο...

" They are not the external material things which with their move, with the approaching, the removal, the union and their segregation, these achieve a balanced total (of things) and the maintenance of physical laws. On the contrary, the completed total preexists...*

The material world in its entirety of time is complete, direct and simultaneous (with the all possible ways) and exists relatively as a finite space and constant quantity of energy, for all what they can happen indirectly with the structural elements, which are exist so as fluctuations of this constant quantity. Thus, the (complete) Universe permanently acts upon (nuclear force) in the structural elements with which this begins and recreated indirectly, relatively, like external and incomplete…

The physical laws, which regulate the existence and the structure of material elements, are not messages that come their outside, from far and insubstantial way. These laws begin by the common " contact " that the all structural elements have with one and the same " empty " space, with one and common complete reality, with the same " communal " quantity of energy, finally by the common (invisible) their substance, with which the structural elements are such as fluctuations.

The total quantity of energy (hf) is the same for the all things and the all structural elements takes shape with the same fluctuations of energy in one and same dynamic space. The nature is founded in the opposition of matter and free space. This visible opposition is the invisible opposition in the change of energy and in the total energy, that is always the same quantity. If, therefore, is inexplicable, provocative and divisive this theoretical segregation between the matter and dynamic space, then is same inexplicable and divisive the energy is altered, but its total quantity is conserved constant! The free space is not expanded neither shrink. The free space is a communal and balanced quantity of energy with fluctuations, that are create phenomena of centralization and decentralization in the isotropic and transference of energy with waves. Relatively, the total energy is the free space and compensates with the fastest way (almost c) the reductions of itself, that are constitute the material world. But the flow with waves to compensated the lacks, again creates new lacks very fast and so maintains the material elements. (Equanimity and rhythm into change and standing waves). The law of conservation of energy (in total) synchronously is a law for the same quantity of energy that absents, that is to say, for the conservation of material world! The energy is decreased and  lastingly flows in order to compensates its losses, not only with a limit in quantity, but with a limit of a minimum unit of time  tmin. The change and transference of the energy can not is more fast than a minimal time interval (Law of the Conservation of Power)".


>>> The educated people will awaits a concise answer :

† Was it most logical, most intelligent, most reliable for an astrophysicist to reverses the highest frequency fmax in the Universe (of the electromagnetic spectrum), does make a minimal time 1/fmax = Tmin and then he searches what do existed in this minimal time interval?

We will do insist in the search what existed in the first seconds of famous theory about a Big Explosion?

♫ OR we will seek what's going on with fluctuations on a stable quantity of energy (of the free space) nearby in the finish of electromagnetic spectrum and how does the waviness become with less rhythms and speed, then cause the known electromagnetic phenomena, that create particles and the constant structure of matter (energy h·f is accumulated in decreased frequency)?

A minimum time tmin, in that the Universe began is created onetime or a frequency fmax, in that the energy of empty space is balanced so as standing waves and if it disturbed, then cause the known electromagnetic phenomena, until the energy returns back in balance and thus are created and maintained small sums of energy in stagnant situations?

Only with the close relation between structure of matter and wave change at the balanced energy of the full Universe, a multitude phenomena interpreted, many relations and phenomena are revealed, that they had not observed in experience and many other of known phenomena are confirmed, without conflict to the experience and without paranoid vocabulary.



► Around us, they become exchanges of energy and also interactions with the matter in frequencies above 1020 Hz, in microscopic dimensions and with the speed of the light (approximately). Up to now, this reality we didn't calculate it, we simplifying this phenomenon with the concept of a "free" space and we perceived flippant its presence from the electromagnetic phenomena and gravity. An invisible reality participates permanently in the material developments with sums of energy, that are exchanged and altered between 1020 - 1042 Hz and this reality ignored in the science. This reality participates permanently and simultaneously for entire the material world, from one point up to the utmost other…In the physics, these sums of energy (h·f), that are exchanged and altered in very soon time intervals (t=1/f), they called them "particles".

Do you speak still, about the total creation of the Universe, also about the fantasy of a Big Bang?

 At a maximum speed of c the mass becomes infinite or variations of free space, which if they are slower, at that case electromagnetic waves are caused, while after more slowdown are created particles with mass?


The most trustworthy and responsible persons who teach in universities and be at the head for the research about the structure of matter and who inform journalists, they had not understood anything since Einstein's time until recently (2012)! Modesty will surely protect them against in ridicule! Let us have modesty not only when they praise us, but also when they challenge us! Not only they will not be avoid to accept their timidity and the narrowness of their perceptions, but some day younger researchers will apologize for the past. There is a big gap between knowledge and thought, and that can not be silenced.

presentation stupidnessNo one of the competent researchers didn't thought the simplest, even as a hypothesis, that the same structural elements that we detect over a very large part of the universe, themselves are "clocks of nature." Clocks, in the notion that they are formed and maintained with energy oscillations, with rhythmic changes and rhythmic energy exchanges, which we observe as particles (electrons etc.). The speed of light is not a global limit for moves in the perceivable world? The inter­galactic space, in which we observe a large part of the world - a very larger than own milky way - is this not a common reference system for a host of many other galaxies and astro­nomical bodies? If everything is done relative, each one in reference to something else, then we should be observe a world with random structure, where the similarities are coincidences, while in every region of the world should be other laws, other materials and extreme unevenness. We don't observe a such incoherent astro­nomical world, where every thing is with its own pace, in their own time and together in connection with random physical laws. All things together form a whole and they involve with common conditions and adjusted so that the whole can become united, common to all parts and creative.

businessman - philosopherMany non-specialists and famous professors replicate with robotic thought, that there is not absolute time. If that is the case, I ask defiantly to explain us, how for a big part of the world (if not all), the structure of matter appears with the same rhythmic changes and exchan­ges of hf energy.

If the time is relative to the "moving system", then it should in every cubic meter of space to we find matter with different structure and zigzag move­ments. Matter with different pro­perties of the particles, with random energy levels around the nucleus, with different distri­bution and amount of electron emission, with different absorption of energy, with different particle shapes and ultimately astro­nomical bodies, in which will applied different laws of physics. The light that reaches us from the depths of the universe and from every direction, it ought to shows a different structure of matter and it should we can not calculate the distances of galaxies and their sizes. With so much disparity and with relativity in the movement and position of astronomical bodies, even the Hubble's law could not be applied. But all researchers admit that our knowledge up close, it can applied away. All admit a common time for the beginning of the cosmos. Everybody talks about a wider astronomical space which expands for each observer. Almost all researchers and technicians rely that the speed of light (or near it) is a global threshold. While they talking about the same matter, about universal laws and global phenomena (gravity, e/m interaction, quantum properties, components particles, electrical charge, etc.) they come like unsuspecting and in antiphasis saying, there is not absolute time and movement. sea wavesAn amateur researcher says in all these talented researchers and teachers: Not only there are certain absolute and global confines, but these confines are regulated accurately by nature, so that a vast world is self-sustaining and evolving and with the prospect of the complex phenomenon of life. But the amazing accuracy with which imposed to become all things and with perspective to balance has the most amazing explanation: The universe is always with all possible ways and always the same, but participates in the material world through the microscopic structure of " free " space! How can the accuracy in physical developments to lost, if all the energy changes are adjusted so as, the worldwide whole remains the same, with immutable total amount of energy, simply with wave phenomena in an unchanged amount, which we detect as a free space?



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 The philosophical texts and cosmological theory are included in a published CD-R, with the graphic environment and without this (in form of pdf files/digital books). More than 3000 printed pages size [A]5 in total.



* In the Internet IS NOT presented exclu­sively, completed, with cohesion and with­out unnecessary thoughts, the physi­cal interpretation for the structure of the Uni­verse and matter.








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The intellect has not more important possibility than of knowing, of maintaining as end in itself and for shaping its self-knowledge. The self-knowledge is the meaning of happiness, the essence of the logic and the aim of ethics. The egocentricity and the delusion in themselves (alone them), without any action, are the biggest destruction and are related immediately with the surrender in the fortune. Life without mental activity is non-existent and without configuration of self-knowledge was, it is also it will be always and everywhere in the Universe an insufficient life, unsatisfied, seduced, a life with false values and fools purposes, despite every other possibility, that we will imagine.




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A mark of correctness and consistency of each theory: The theory not only it describes or explains a phenomenon, but it answers also in the queries that this same causes.


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