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The complete theory


  © 2000 ISBN 960-385-019-5. They have passed 10 years since the initial publication of physical interpretation under the title Theory of the Completed Time and the Relativity of Energy. In this time interval, that the theory of the Completed Time remained unknown and without finds somebody to comprehend it with few fair effort and without bias, became big effort of correction and clarification. Moreover, became investigation for mathematic formulation from a bad student of mathematics in order to he help an interested and lucky physicist to advance in the completed mathematic formulation of the theory. Other ten years was lost for the Science and the History, however creatively and with advantage for the inspirator and author of the theory. Henceforth, anyone who is reported in the cosmological and in philosophical questions in order to investigates or in order to informs, without first he has know and comprehend the Theory of the Completed Time, he will ignore the reality and literally he will is belated .

Imagine the case of a person who is fugitive (from justice), who moved between us, without recognizes him no one and hears what are said about his chance or he acted. Imagine the thoughts, the scripts, the affairs, the analyses, that he will hear about his life and about his acts, from accidental interlocutors, from the journalists, from his persecutors, from the experienced analysts of particular facts. Surely, he will hear many talks, where will cause him laughters. Particularly, when the information come from the most experienced analysts publicly, from the radio-television media and from the responsible persons, who handle and solve these affairs.

As it usually happens, somehow thus, they are exposed and they lose the prestige and their seriousness, those who continue expressing incontrollable their personal opinions and the widespread opinions about the cosmological questions, without they have heard about the theory of the Completed Universe and Relativity of Energy and they have not understood the solution that this advanced theory offers!



If this theory is the most advanced, then why is it unknown, still ?



(The bet is in effect up to 25/06/2010)  It expired



In the following opinions, it can approach anyone by the philosophical thought on few general significances and with the observation of most usual phenomena. After careful analysis and export of all consequences and taking into consideration the data of physics, finally we lead to formulate the following opinions with mathematic certainty and to include in the basic opinions of a cosmological theory, which we can name masterfully " Theory of Completed Time and Relativity of Energy".

The inspirator, the intellectual author and writer of this theory wish it causes the world scientific community with a bet. Because, however he does not allocate enough possession, he thoughts it puts a bet for the correctness of conclusions that follows, giving away immediately all his bodies for medical aims. Naturally, he will lose his life, in the case where they are proved error the following conclusions, which resulted after 20 and more years of intensive philosophical thought and theoretical investigation.

If however the following cosmological opinions they are proved rightly, then he asks 1) The famous and leading researchers are activated in order to they accomplish is sold a enormous fund in order to they are saved lives of children 2) Causing to be compensated or to be paid with a big pecuniary sum (few hundreds of thousands of dollars or Euro) 3) they admit states that they are characterized from lack of reflexives, rigidity of thought, partiality and frivolity and to stress the leading role of thought and the way of life for the scientific research.

When somebody dares puts this bet, then we will discuss about any chance modifications in the formulation of the terms. If does not exist no answer and is not expressed a interest, this will be reported as clue of uncertainty, timidity and hypocrisy of those that claims that the central idea the theory of Big Bang is reliable and constitutes important conquest of astrophysics.


  1st publication on earth


The Universe in the cosmological theory of “Completed Time and the Relativity of Energy” is self-existent and stabilised in the limits of biggest chronicle interval (Maximum Period), in diametric opposition in the sovereign opinion of “Big Explosion”, which dominated and was appeared for a lot of decades. The Universe (in its entirety) did not begin from a Big Explosion. On the contrary, it existed always and always maintained is itself with the dynamic presence of matter, which exists as oscillation of empty space!


The past and the future - as we only know that we are individual things- they constitute the wider “now” of 100% Universe.

The Universe in its entirety time is completed before the relative moment in which they begin exist the individual things.


The moment where it begins the Universe to become this is not found before the moment where the Universe is completed.


The completed and constant Universe with total energy, is presented as absence of material world with the form of empty also finite space. The explanation about the presence of space, as it results from the conclusions of theory of Completed Time, it brings above under in the physics, in the philosophy and in the perception of human for the world, for ever!


The “Big Explosion” take place permanently and the material Universe permanently is created everywhere in the space, from smallest dimensions, by the microscopic explosions. The structural elements of things constitute "snaps " and stagnant situations of the oscillation that becomes in a common, constant and finite quantity of energy, in more high frequencies, so we observe this energy as " empty " space. In the Physics, the sums of energy, that are exchanged and altered in the very soon time intervals (t=1/f), they called them "particles".


The material carriers presuppose a complex reality and this reality is always complex and present, independent from (delayed) exterior connections of the material elements.


The matter and their components (particles) in its entirety did not begin they exist and never did not exist a reality without the matter.


The matter, without the previous existence of complex reality could not have a structure and relatively stabilised presence.


The material elements are the minimal ways (oscillations), with which the Universe begins (relatively indirectly and as exterior) becomes in the minimal moment. The matter it constituted a institution for the start of time and it would not have characteristically a minimal time of change (wave behavior and periodicity in the highest frequencies), if beforehand the Universe were not completed in one biggest time interval (max Period).


The direct relation, therefore, of matter with the free space, results from the inseparate relation in the presence of material world with the world that is absent. And the world that is absent participates in the energy of the material world through the microscopic structure of matter (with the form of finite space). It does not exist the time, the Universe and the space without the matter, that is to say a Universe only immediately, without quality and without indirect interactions. As does not exist a total time without the smaller moments.


The mass presented by electromagnetic fluctuations of energy on the empty space and it is acquired when these fluctuations (fluctuations with most high frequency) they are maintained as stagnant waves and they receive the form of located presence, as are the particles.


The permanent relation of things with their Common Total results from the presence of matter, with which the all things begin and exist (and thus it does not allow them they perfectly become otherwise despite any differences they are created in the individual conditions and from any development). The presence of matter is related with the existence entire the Universe and it imposes by the start the permanent and direct relation of things with the total of Universe and not only with the environment and exterior their conditions


In the theory of " Completed of Time " we find with reasonable consequence a minimal time interval (limit in the division of time) and a biggest time period and equivalents a minimal and biggest distance in the space. From this our ascertainment, result limits about the all phenomena between which the limit in the increase of speed Vmax, which is a combination of length and time, that is presented with the movement. The role of the limits in the nature, as reveals it first time the theory of the Completed Time, it leads to relations between phenomena, which from the experience appear perfectly incohesively phenomena from each other and still result in relations between the extreme limits with reasonable consequence as something physical and expected.

Result limit in the biggest frequency and becomes possible the calculation of minimal time. Unlimited increase of frequency, would mean even infinite quantity of transfer of wave energy in the unit of time.

Result still, limits min and max in the rythm of change of speed (acceleration) and to the application of force. 

The nuclear energy is gravity force of mass of all Universe (plus what it is absent) and this force is biggest from (or to) minimal possible distance of the  space. The nuclear force is connected with the biggest rythm of acceleration or deceleration contrary to the gravity force that is connected with a minimal rythm.



I can include also the following conclusions of Theory of Completed Time, however rather they will need a lot of years in order to they are ascertained in the Science :

The existence of God is proved only after the explanation for the inwardness in the material Universe. And the inwardness in the material Universe cannot be something different from what approach the words “direct, simultaneous and self-existent Universe”.

The presence of life, soul and intelligence they have direct relation with the stability and with the possibility simultaneous or very fast material interaction. And these finally they are related immediately with the preexisting stability and directness of uncreated Universe and with the energy of empty space.


I do not include in the bet, the precision of numbers and the mathematic relations. The units, the numerical limits and the types can easily change, be corrected, supplemented, but the phenomena and the interpretation of phenomena, as they are formulated above, they will not be rejected.







© 2004-2010 Konstant G. Nikoloudakis - All rights reserved


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