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What will be the proof about the existence of God in the modern cosmology and physics ?


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One of the most difficult issues in the human research was proved, the question about the relation between the structural elements (matter) and the phenomenon of life and with the mental phenomena. Almost no one however, did not think that this difficulty does not emanate from a bridgeless segregation of nature, nor due of presence of an other different cosmos, that the science does not have the means of observing. Up to now, the human thought is tied up in certain words, so as they have delivered by unknown depths of antiquity, like an edgy dog that waits for a boss. They needed certain words in order to they remind us that the person thinks and feel, somehow aches, wishes, moves itself and acts creatively according to certain ideas. They needed certain words in order to they remind us that we live in an immense nature with a lot of weaknesses and the need to we regulate our life with certain rules. Somehow were shaped a few of short words about these observations, in which all persons agree (such as the soul, spirit, mind, god) and since then, these words constitute the main concept of our experience about the phenomenon of life, without we need more thoughts in order to understand. These short words, they found and used the earlier philosophers in order to they supplement their interpretation about the creation of cosmos and in order to they describe, how few structural elements can be to shape the complex things. With these same words, today, 2500 years afterwards, the modern researchers reject and do not imagine the attendance of phenomenon of life for the existence and the regulation (and for timing) of the structural elements in the nature.


An overthrow and a progressive observation that brings, the cosmological theory about "a complete and stabilized Universe - inside a maximal period" it is, that for first time, the phenomenon of life is connected with the known physical laws and doesn't remain outside, such as a bridgeless jump of a divided (material-intellectual) nature. For first time, although in initial stage, the presence of life is interpreted and based on interpretation about the creation of matter and Universe. Up to now, the cosmos appears to begins by (comparatively) few structural elements and the things to connected each other only from their out. Almost all people (and particularly who have scientific education) have the idea, that the things are results only from external phenomena and each one is changing with the actions of others and all things together constituted by certain structural elements. Many humans still continue and resist in this scientific perception and they imagine, that the material things coexist with a spiritual cosmos and with some bodiless live forces. The scientific (and materialistic) perception is not erroneous, however contains the half truth. The other opinion, that blends invisible live existences in the material nature and such as have named with fantasy (supernatural god, bodiless souls or spirits, spiritual forces, invisible substances and many other fantasies...), unfortunately this is a primitive opinion and absolutely erroneous. Nor the scientific perception, neither the fantastic opinions, they have a serious explanation and with possibility of control for how is presented the life in a material nature. Take into account further, an answer in this question (about the appearance of life in a material nature) will not constitute only an advanced interpretation about the phenomenon of life, but moreover leads also to better comprehension for the role of the life into nature and for the physical processes.


In the web pages, I have place the following question in order to we do not forget an enormous void, that exists still in the most modern theories that describe the Universe (as a distribution of quantities):

Have they wondered in the modern cosmology, how much can be ad­vanced a physical interpretation about the Universe, such as the theory that few researchers dream, if this theory does not offer the minimal knowledge in order to explained the presence of life in to Universe? The cosmological theories that have been formulated with mathematics and they are considered as prevailing do not open any street to this direc­tion of nature. This impasse should puzzles the physicists and not to they leave the problem unsolvable or to answer in the theology. Have they wondered why the life and soul begins from microscopic di­mensions and not with the combination of coarse material bodies? The life and the soul begins from the most microscopic dimensions and no with the combination of big material bodies. By no means accidental it is not!


Therefore, for first time is formulated a rational thought that is based on a cos­mological theory and on the description about material cosmos. The cosmological theory explains, how the simple matter in order to exists does need the total of nature, what we call " Universe " and moreover, that not only needs a total of reali­ty, but also it demands that the Universe should be complete 100% and simultane­ous! This mad thought finally is the most reasonable explanation, after not only it leads to interpretation for phenomenon about the life, but first it interprets a lot of phenomena in the physics and throws light in big queries of the physicists. (...)

Here in last pages, the physical interpretation about the structure of matter and universe will not be extend as much as it needs. I do not want to convince about the reliability of this physical interpretation about the structure of matter and beginning of the Universe and to be done tedious. I will say to you in short, this which did not say no one until now and which it is the final stretch to the end (the final count down) about the investiga­tion for the beginning of life and its role. I say to you, therefore, that the Universe is completed 100% and simultaneous in the same moment where for us it is empty and endless in the time and space. This incredible ascertainment is proved mathe­matically1 and mainly with the coupling that is achieved in multitude of phenome­na, which in the physics have observed them accidentally, as if they were unlinked each other and inexplicable. Because, however, this mo­ment you can not judge this theoretical case, rightly you have a big doubt. Now, hypothetically (or provisionally) let we accept that the Universe is 100% complete and simultaneous, while we perceive an enormous empty space, in that is included our visible material world. The scientific answer in the big conundrum about the appearance of the life is found hidden in these few and usual expressions: A full Total, a Complete Universe, Self-existent Universe, simultaneous and stabilized Uni­verse, Universe Direct to Itself, Universe that is not material, that has not been creat­ed and always is itself, with the same laws, a Total that participates per­manently in each individual material (and indirect) development, while this Total is without any exterior mediation, while it is immediately. And this 100% of the Universe PARTICIPATES PERMANENTLY LIKE ABSENTEE WITH the PRES­ENCE of the (so-called) FREE SPACE.

Is there the free space? Yes. Is it empty? Not precisely. It does not prevent the motion of bodies but contains the astronomical bodies in some order. Is this an empty and in­sipid container or it is decisively for the structure and the beginning of matter with a potential way? The free space is not a fantastic phenomenon. It is an object of study in Science and it is connected with a multitude of phenomena and particu­larly with the structure of matter, about which so very unexpected discoveries they have become. If therefore, the (so-called) free space is the remaining Universe that ap­pears is absent and the whole of cosmos does not material, but exists immediately also such as an internal phenomenon, then does not exist better scientific interpretation about what is God and what is the Life. What exists immediately, it has not created and with its simultaneous presence is founded the nature and begin all individual things. What ap­pears like an empty space, while it needs for all the things and the structural (material) elements are connected immediately with its energy. This is not something else than that, with much fantasy we call God and Soul, but without we recognize it.

The Universal Mind or Intellect, with the cosmological view of a complete Universe that appears as a free space, does not invalidate the independence of the Universe. Rather, it claims this! Some people and famous scientists have the view about the autonomy of the Universe and so, they think that the role of a Universal Mind (or God) disappears. It does not disappear. So again, by lopsided logical thinking, they have the view that the existence of structural elements (matter) confirms the independence of the Universe. With this view about the structural elements, it can be drawn the opposite conclusion: that the cosmos was created and it needed a lawgiver. If the cosmos was not created, then we need to stop talking about the matter as self-existent components for the existence of things. The first is not the matter (or structural elements) but the entire Cosmos. That is, the stabilized Universe as a whole and with its laws and these laws are not restricted to the external movement of bodies...


Accordingly, the structural elements of so-called matter, when they are found in favourable conditions can exchange each other sums of energy incredibly fast (times 10-20 - 10-42 sec), in incredibly small dimensions (10-12 - 10-34 m) and are synchronized each other, in order to they create bigger and wider things. They can to synchronized and constitute more complicated forms because the struc­tural elements are fluctuations (oscillations of waves), which begin on the (simulta­neous) energy of immense free space and not as pellets, where are moved fast and approach between them without laws. The structural elements of material things have not random a constant and same structure everywhere in the Universe. The structural elements by which the all things exist (between which also we living things) do not become coincidental with the same laws everywhere in the Universe and in the course of time. The laws that regulate the existence and the structure of material elements are not messages that come from their outside, from a distance and as if was theoretical code. These laws begin from the common coupling that have all the structural elements with one and the same free space, with one and the itself complete reality, with same " shared " quantity of energy, finally since their itself (invisible) substance.













Does exist theory which explain logically, scientifically and with phenomena that we can observe, the action of forces from distance with the same laws in the all extent of the Universe and in the passage of time? The matter, that is found here near or far us, is connected with something same, with a common reality (shared) and in particular thus, that the matter maintains everywhere the same structure. The shaping and the structure of material elements do not depend from the objects and the different situations of environment and are not so much changeable from exterior forces. What other can find itself everywhere in the Universe and regulates the structure of matter, be connected always together and be an accessory in order to the matter has the same structure everywhere and with the same laws? What other we can find, which is not fantastic and it is connected permanently with each reality, apart from the called empty space? What other can be itself everywhere in the Universe and regulates the structure of matter with real presence and not from theoretical laws ?

No one theory that describes the creation of things from fundamental material elements or from microscopic particles cannot give a serious, reasonable and empirically founded interpretation about the presence of same forces and limits everywhere in the Universe. 






The beginning of the life and timing into interaction of many particles are achieved with the fastest ways of interaction and these ways presuppose the si­multaneous presence of the 100% completed Universe, that in us appears as ab­sence of empty space… When therefore, the conditions done favourable for the timing of the structural elements (which permanently they interact and exchange energy in incredibly high frequencies), then the structural elements can be constitute more complex things, with particles that interact almost simultane­ously and they constitute an united and balanced total, like is the 100% of the Uni­verse. It happens something similar, such as certain Philosophers (pantheists) have expressed (for example, Fr. W. Schelling) with their own terminology: The matter with every form, it presents the internal and direct presence of God. Actually, the material things these same are the direct Universe itself under restrictions in the time and in the space. The material things have a relative stability and these are such as are by themselves (as whole) and not only because they determined by certain other external things (as wrongly Spinoza had being claim). In final analysis, the material things are such as are with the balanced energy of a common free space, that PARTICIPATES in the structure of their matter (in the shorter time intervals and in smaller lengths). While the free space is the Universe entire, with all its energy in balance, where does not interact externally with our matter (from longer length and intervals) and for this reason, the Universe appears to us absentee.



The matter, without the previous existence of a complex reality could not has a certain structure and relatively stabilized presence (with properties). The material elements, that is, the most simple things of the nature, such as the minimal parts after the division of things, could not have other attributes apart of those that result with the change in their place, in the time of their interaction and when these interchange energy each other randomly. They would exist forever accidentally and quantitatively like the molecules of gas, if the “empty” space and the presence of the full Universe they did not put the conditions, that forces the minimal parts to contract close relations between them. Even the word “atmosphere” contains the significance of a ball, curvature and surrounding attribute and it cannot be used masterfully, in order to is shown the chaotic motion, where would exist, with the all importance of chaos. For the possibility to become rhythmical and synchronized changes in the material elements and moreover in order to they can exist regularly complex things, it needs the microscopic material elements to have a constant structure and they are maintained with certain laws. How is achieved this structure and the sta­bility in their change? It is achieved, because the microscopic material elements constitute instants, fast and repeated fluctuations in the common and constant (balanced) energy of "empty "space. For synchronization and for maintenance of the particles everywhere, something other participates which is not a separate body. It is not a galaxy, it is not a star, it is not a stone, it is not a screw, it is not a particle.

If, consequently, the microscopic elements and the microscopic motions could not become with balanced way, that is, with ways of motion that achieve synchronism and a stabilized situation, then could not exist complex and bigger things. In order to exist the biggest and complex things, in order to exist the enormous bodies, where they constitute the immense material and astronomical our world and the things to change as sub totals, it should first exist the conditions that maintain stabilizing. With the absolute instability of elements, without fast repetition and synchronism, nothing could remains the it­self (for long time nor for soon), that is to say, nothing could remains with a constant form and has a struc­ture, and hence nothing would exist.

They exist things that change and are evolved and this possibility is owed in a certain relative stability, in phenomena such as timing, balancing, compensation, alternation, repetition, that is achieved by the rapidly motions (high speed and frequency). In order to we can say " this is a thing ", it should this thing have a relative stability in the texture, in the form and in its structure. If, however, the all things presuppose and formed with the structural elements, that are synopsized in simple word "matter", and if the structure of matter presup­poses immediately the common and simultaneous presence of " empty " space, and if the " empty " space with its balanced energy presupposes an 100% complete and stabilized Universe, now it should we admit that the all things need an 100% Universe, that is complete, immediately present and the itself (with the all possi­ble ways). Only thus the structural elements can to be and to combined with certain constant ways… for more time interval (for more than one fraction of second). The exhaustive investigation of matter was not reveal some phenomenon, that offers an explanation for the "property" of life. The passage from the inorganic to organic materials is inexplicable by mechanical movements and with individual particles. Therefore, let we explore the nature with a greater appreciation for the "contribution" of the nature as a whole, and should not be imagined this contribution as remote. Do not rush to we say, that the properties of the nature as a whole can not be searched, because we can not see the complete cosmos as a whole. The laws of the cosmos are not anywhere in particular, but they are really and regulate the amount of energy and with these laws are created the most complex phenomena.


The first publication in the world


1 After my personal investigation and effort for the formulation of the cosmological theory according to the types of physics, I have revealed the first mathematic relations, that confirm the physical interpretation about a complete universe, which appears as a free space and with wave phenomena. The first and simple relations are agree with this physical interpretation.




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