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In this book, a modernized and revamped Ethic is founded on the (super) physical priority of spirit to oneself and has prospect of a world manifesto. The issues of human thought and knowledge are related to human behavior and psychology. That is, the Ethic as inner direction of life is defined unified with Logic and under thought mana­gement. Without impartial and searching thinking, without sincerity and awareness of ignorance of external things, without proper information and judgment, life cannot be calm and is lured into unfair and unnecessary action. The ethic of a life inner oriented (in linkage with human thinking) thus mo­dernized, are supported by the simplest observations of physical limitations in life and unified with natural laws (ie it is an ethic that does not ignore cosmo­logy). The thoughts are extended up to socio­logical and political issues linking this intellectual ethic with trust and co-operations.

The guiding thoughts for secure control of human life and its virtues are degraded and treated as metaphysical questions because they are not facilitate the plans, desires and goals of ambitious and "materialist" humans... The materialistic way of life (with outward values and compa­risons) is ingrained on several fantasies, lies and hasty thoughts, not in self-awareness and coincides with ego­centric lifestyle and mindset. Selfish­ness, bias, nonsense and paranoid spirit are other aspects of the materi­alistic way of life and perception. The Ethic of inner direction (in linkage with thinking) uproots many fantasies. Faster than it looks, all religions will be replaced by a cosmo­logical Ethic. But neither knowledge will no longer be consi­dered as a unilateral and sufficient advantage in life and for research...



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>>> A book with questions that they may unified under the briefly title of "Ethics" (a practical philosophy, with psycho­logical and socio­logical conclu­sions). The main and necessary concepts for a worldwide ethic founded to spiritual direction of human life. It has prospect as a global manifesto because this ethic is presented as science (for regulating life with know­ledge, impartial thought and reason) without imagination of religions. The inner / intellectual direction of life is explained under tutelage of thinking, unified with Logic and having into account the natural laws that restrict human possibilities (that is to say, Ethic don't ignores the natural laws and reality). A book of that causes world disruption in human thinking and are written a few each century. Whoever will reads it, then will thinks diffe­rently! This book imposes ethics as a science (on human behavior and its close relationship with spiritual functions and with physical reality). If a publisher interested for collaboration may contact <©>



spiderSome of the guiding views for the way of life and its virtues are decisive for the performance, accomplishment, success, responsibility and self-direction in all fields and for all human activities. The guiding views and the moral-inner values for human life are downgraded (or degraded) and treated like metaphysical issues, because they aren't favorable for the aims, desires and planning of the ambitious, worldly and materialist people... 

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Ethics without knowledge...and knowledge without ethic





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What they didn't think in Physics and Philosophy... with common words



Intellect (or spirit) has not greatest opportunity than of knowing, of maintaining itself as an end in itself and for forming its self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is the meaning of happiness, the essence of logic and the aim of ethic. The egocentricity and delusion solely these themselves are the biggest destruction without any action, and they are immediately related with surrender in fortune. Life without intellect is non-existent and without self-control and self-knowledge it was, is and always will be and everywhere in the Universe an insufficient and unsatisfied life, a self-deluded, seduced, and randomly life and a life with aimless action, despite any other possibilities, that we can imagine. 



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The materialistic way of life based on several fantasies and lies, not in self-awareness and coincides with egocentric lifestyle and mindset. Selfishness, bias, nonsense and paranoid spirit are other aspects of the materialistic way of life and perception.


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