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Rational thoughts and fundamental findings about life, human, cosmos and the relationship of them




(1986 - 2023)


a sign Interdisciplinary knowledge and independent search

Rational answers about the limits and substance of the world, about life as an internal phenomenon, for human relationships and for human society, and conclusions from thoughts that begun with the first and more common observations, in accordance with the rules of logic (mainly by the method of abduction in inappropriate and taking into account the affirmative and negative response) and with a method of removing unnecessary and unreliable infor­mation. πρωτογενής πηγή

The most convincing answers

without the introduction of unexplained pheno­mena,

with rational thoughts,

by observing in common experience,

with the necessary explanations,

without words being meant as things

and more details to answer the queries of the most demanding readers,

after a long attempt to interpret, formulate and develop thoughts. General truths about characteristics and behaviors of many things and life, which can be quickly drawn as conclusions without the exhausting study of distinct things. Truths that express phenomena that are often repeated or wide­spread and their credibility does not depend on the person expressing them. Ra­tional thoughts (beginning with the general characteristics of the world) that direct research. A multitude of conclusions and important knowledge presented as results from the thought of different persons and different specialties and at different times can pass through the thinking of a single person when offers enough time from his life to ponder and record his reasoning.


a sign  Many lies, half truths and fantasies and together form a delusion about our lives

Do not waste time for answers with expressions that show nothing in the real world and with testimonies that you cannot confirm. You do not have much time to understand the many lies you learned as truths and half truths that with hiding ignorance are half lies. Countless lies and fairy tales we have heard and these have been rooted in our souls. "Half Truths" are not just words that deliberately conceal events, consequences and aspects of things. "Half Truths" also are the selective views of things and life as we believe we serve our interest. We live with fantasies and dragged by our images and dreams, as well as with useless information. The first sign is that the natural world is missing from our thinking and conscience and all our thinking is exhausted on some persons, on their lives and their actions, as if the whole world were the life of some others and the causes of events obviously by their own action, without the natural laws. At the end of misleading, the most insignificant thing can be installed in everyone's mind as if it were the most important in the world when some find a successful way to exploit it, while the most important things are forgotten and degraded, both for our lives... but also for scientific research.


a finger pointingReading pages with thoughts of what human thinking, truth, know­ledge, credibility and faith is and how the human mind is more imagined than knows is the necessary introduction to those who want to have their own way of appreciating the percentage of credibility for what they hear and read.





<•> All thoughts from a rational principle: For the formation of know­ledge, the concept of truth and knowledge, the principle of senses, the difference between thinking and senses, the reco­gnition of reliability, the mental indeterminacy and fantasy. (Knowledge and thinking)

<•> Intelligent (mental) and cosmological ethic. The regulatory power of thinking for human life and behavior. The inseparable relation of thinking and intellect from human life and beha­vior. The spiritual relationship of human with itself. (Inner direction)

<•> Cosmological theory by removing useless information, reducing physical pheno­mena to the most general phenomena (to a few funda­mental ones), simpli­fication of concepts. Rational inter­pretation of the structure of matter and astro­nomical world. Calculations according to measurements of physics, investigation of natural limits, theo­retical obser­vations and inve­stigation of coincidences. How natural laws and forces are applied. (Cosmos & Matter, Cosmos & Life)

<•> Life, human and society. Spiritual orientation: The global ethic without the cloak of religion. The intellectual revolution for a moral State (without cheaters, speculators, and embezzlers of confidence, from one person only or from a group under legal coverage). The intellectual orientation (moral) for society and for the role of the State. (Man & Society)

<•> Review to earlier philosophical efforts, extracts from philo­sophical works, comments and valuations through contempo­rary knowledge and experience. Philosophy, religion and belief. (Philosophers)


"Some opinions that prevail worldwide and in a great majority of people prove to be easily fantasies or incorrect. The prevalence of these spreading views is not interpreted as if they were formed after investigation, with knowledge and reasonable thought. They have been formed in a hurry, by desire, impression, reckless copy and blind trust. For the prevalence or spread of some of these views, historical struggles have been made and the efforts of those who represent a population of people or large groups with common interests and experiences are still. Those who fight for team interests or need the support of a large number of people are forced to hide their opposite view (hypocritical or respectful) in order not to lose their advantage. This perpetuates the dreams and the imagination with which many lived or wrote history and shared hopes. The development of the sciences, the ease of information, the global experience and the education system did not eliminate nonsense and reckless views. On the contrary, they also reinforced reactive and immature views, cultivated the illusion of better knowledge instead of more doubt, lure the human spirit with rewards, and encourage hasty estimates and efforts". [The global ethic of inner orientation (in linkage with human thinking), pages 65-66]



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Excerpts, summaries and books of the Website are available for reading and downloading. Rational answers about the limits and substance of the world, about life as an internal phenomenon, for human relationships and for human society, and conclusions from thoughts that begin with the first and common observations, in accordance with the rules of logic and with a method of removing unnecessary and unreliable information. After a long attempt to interpret, formulate and develop thoughts ...




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An integrated / comprehensive Answer, namely:

+Moral / Psychological    +Rational    +Political    +Cosmological


<•> CANCELLATION A LOT OF LIES AND FANTASIES...The most obvious indications that answers are correct and concepts serve the researching. Read more to the books

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red starCOMPLETE UNIVERSE - DYNAMIC FREE SPACE - WAVE PHE­NO­MENA. How the natural laws and forces are applied

The Big Pitfalls of Experience - The "small explosions" of indivisible space



One of the greatest reversals that the cosmological theory of "co­mplete and stabilized Universe within a long period" brings is that the phe­nomenon of life is linked to the known physical laws for first time... The keyword is: syn­chro­nization of structural elements by the dynamic parti­cipation of the complete Uni­verse, which is carried out rela­tively through the free space. The free space is a com­mon amount of energy in bala­nce.

* On the Internet, the que­stions ARE NOT pre­sented complete, with co­hesion, wi­thout un­neces­sary thou­ghts and with effe­ctive thread, that faci­litates the com­pre­he­nsion and with the ans­wers to que­ries that created





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What they didn't think in Physics and Philosophy... with common words


Intellect (or spirit) has not greatest opportunity than of knowing, of maintaining itself as an end in itself and for forming its self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is the meaning of happiness, the essence of logic and the aim of ethic. The egocentricity and delusion solely these themselves are the biggest destruction without any action, and they are immediately related with surrender in fortune. Life without intellect is non-existent and without self-control and self-knowledge it was, is and always will be and everywhere in the Universe an insufficient and unsatisfied life, a self-deluded, seduced, and randomly life and a life with aimless action, despite any other possibilities, that we can imagine 




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The materialistic way of life is ingrained in fantasies and lies, not in self-awareness and coincides with egocentric lifestyle and mindset. Selfishness, bias, nonsense and paranoid spirit are other aspects of the materialistic way of life and perception.


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